I Need Your Help!

Denver needs your help. Colorado needs your help.

Last night I attended my first  local Obama/Biden chapter meetings. In my area (District 7), there are over 6000 residents that are not registered to vote. There are many more in District 8.  Colorado is a swing state and as of today we have 30 days to register as many people as possible.

Anyone who has read my blog for more than a month knows I am a Progressive that will be proudly voting for Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Mark Udall in November. It's who I am and how I roll and I make no apologies for my views.

I have not been a fan of the current administration. I am not a fan of the future proposed Republican administration. I know I am in a much worse place..much worse...under this administration that I was under the Clinton administration. And I want to change what happens next.

If you want real change from real people that care, I implore you to please get involved. Get involved now. You don't have to volunteer for days or weeks at a time. Given my schedule of two jobs, I am only giving 1-2 days a week to the campaign. But it's a start.

Our campaign headquarters will be in the Stapleton area of Denver. Canvassing will be in the my neighborhood. Or you can make calls from your home. Write letters to the editor.  Please, we need you. 

It all comes down to you. If you are scared of the prospect of 'More of the same' please please please get involved.

Please contact :

Keyshia E. Sanders

Campaign for Change

Field Organizer HD7