I Love This (yawn) Game!

Internet is back up...for now...and I'm up too, watching Steve Nash do an absolutely Kick-Ass job.  When John Stockton retired from the Utah Jazz (a moment of silence) Steve Nash became my favorite NBA player.

I love basketball...grade school, high school, NCAA, NBA and anything that requires putting a basketball thru a hoop. It does slightly suck when your favorite player is usually on a team that is to the West of the East. Which means late nights.

Yeah, a minor technicality. I'll survive.

Who needs sleep when you get to watch the game that to me epitomizes the phrase 'poetry in motion'??

Tom Tolbert

Watching Tom Tolbert during the Pistons-Lakers half-time show.


What is up with his wardrobe? Who dressed him like that? Is he wearing his ensemble on a bet? A dare? Is he colorblind? Is he blind??

Ok Tom, we need to talk.

I've watched you over the last several NBA seasons....you went from wearing all beige the first season, started wearing more colorful choices last year (the burgundy and black combinations looked especially good on you) and that is why I am shocked...stunned...nauseated by your ...well, whatever it is you're wearing tonite. Sorta a cross between a blue/carmel/beige leisure suit.

C'mon Tom, you can do better.

Ask for help. Carson Kresseley of the Fab Five would be more than happy to help. Ask your anchor buddies. Ask Pat Croce...he always looks great, no matter what he wears.

You're a great commentator, Tom...one of my favorites.

Please get some sartorial SOS during the break.

The Epitome of Hustle...

Steve Nash...Dallas Mavericks...he is SO the bomb.

Had sorta fallen away from my love of NBA...it was a case of dated Dean, dissed the NBA for political programming, had a let down when Dean dropped out and now the NBA and I are cozy once more. Sorry Howard, you will always have a special place in my heart...but you are out of the game so to speak, and the Mavs are so in the game. They lead Sacramento Kings in the 3rd quarter and Steve just made a killer 3 point shot as I typed that last sentence. Woohoo!

I used to be all about John Stockton...another one who was the epitome of hustle as well as honesty and integrity. I cried the day he resigned. He did so at the right time and for the right reasons and far be it from me to deny him a chance at happiness with his family. It's just that Stockton was what basketball SHOULD be about. Skills, discipline, love of the game instead of love of the fame. I still admire Stockton to this day.

And now Steve has moved up to my #1 guy in the NBA. Hope the Mavs make it to the playoffs...they are currently in 6th place. Loved watching Steve and Co in the playoffs last year altho those West Coast playoff games are murder when you live on the East Coast. But you struggle through it and try to stay awake and hope and pray your guys have what it takes to go the distance. Ok, enough cliches for now.

Steve's taking a rest on the bench. Time for me to do the same.