I've Seen God

And his name is Chris Duarte.

My buddy Jeff turned me on to Chris as well as took me with him to see Chris last night at Ziggies.

I really don't have the words to aptly describe the spectacle d'music we saw last night without repeating myself with awesome's and outstanding's and omg fucking brilliant's as descriptives.

But really, it was incredible. Series after series of guitar riffs, each one leading you to the edge where you think ' OMG this is as good as it gets...but wait..oh, no THIS is as good as it gets...and then it keeps getting better...and better...and better to where you finally give in a realize that you will be astounded time after time for the rest of the night...and you just go with it and enjoy it.

So we did. From 9pm to almost 2 am. Pure enjoyment of the highest calibre. Rock heaven for me and I'm pretty sure Jeff will agree when he writes up his post.

All of us have different passions that drive us to seek them out and enjoy them to the fullest. Music always has been and always will be my biggest passion/drug/vice...whatever you wanna call it. And last night was a musical drug overdose of the highest degree.

Huge mucho thanks to Jeff for sharing his love of 'all things Chris Duarte' with me. It was a night I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Filling Up The Reservoir

Bone dry. Depleted. Dangerously low.

That's how I feel when I don't see any live music for awhile.

Tonite, that was remedied.

The last show I saw was John Doe. WHAT a show it was! That memory...and company...has carried me thru surgery and recovery and getting back to work and just keeping it all together, overall.

But it was time to fill up the reservoir, as it were, so I headed out tonite to see SSPU.

My first time seeing the group. The last several times they were here in Denver I spaced on getting tickets and they sold out twice. Third time was the charm.

Sea Wolf opened for them. Had not heard of Sea Wolf and to be honest, their show got off to a slow start. It picked up after awhile and wound up being pretty decent after all.

After a 45 minute set break...I know, huh??...SSPU hit the stage.

Again, off to a somewhat slow start. Brian, the lead vocalist, sounded sorta raggy. A funny guy with great audience rapport, but his voice just wasn't even close to recording quality. So much for the beauty that is the recording studio. He even admitted as much after 4 or 5 songs. Then, magically, they jelled and the show took off.

Took off.

Good, solid, honest rock. Or alt. Or whatever you want to call it.

I was in my element and my musical drought was over. It was like a icy cold beer (or Vodka Tonic) after a trek in the dessert where you forgot to bring your canteen. It was musical energy and the crowd getting into the band. It was about time and I was glad to be in the middle of it all.

Future Foe Scenarios, my favorite SSPU song, brought the house down. Seems it was everyone's favorite song.

They played song after song from their first EP 'Pikul' and their second release 'Carnavas' and my buddy Andrew mentioned that it was an A set list all the way thru. It truly was.

For the encore, they played a cover song...of what I have no idea...then closed with bass player Nikki Monninger jamming as only a chick on a bass (wearing a dress!) can jam. My dream is to one day to play a bass guitar like Nikki. I need to start practicing!

So the drought is over and I have my music fix. My ears are ringing and I could stand a shower. And the smile on my face? That's gonna stay there for quite awhile.

It's all about the music. Always has been. Always will be.


No matter where I am or what I am doing, listening to these guys always reminds me of summer.

Either summer approaching as I slogged thru the last days of the school year, summer in full swing with trips to Del Mar or Huntington Beach, or summer ending and having to get new school clothes.

Nothing says summer like Led Zep.

Playing 'When The Levee Breaks' right now.


My iPod is sick. Which makes me sick. Literally.

Was working in my office when I noticed it was quieter than usual. Had chosen two INCUBUS CD's to play on my iPod and it seemed too soon for the music to end.

Discovered my iPod is stuck with the charged icon on the front. Can't toggle anything and it won't shut off.

I have a first Gen 20 GB. Anyone else out there have this problem or know what I might do to fix it without taking a drive down to Cherry Creek?

Give me a ring or shoot me an email.