Simply A Look Can Break Your Heart

What do you get when you combine a packed-to-the-gills-Filmore, 90 degree heat, high wattage energy of the highest degree, and a love of honest alternative rock?


Tonite was the concert I've been not-so-patiently waiting for over the last 3 months as well as over the last 2 years (was supposed to see them in FL 2 years ago and the night before they were scheduled for Pompano,they cancelled due to dangerous nodes on Davy's vocal cords). Truly one of the best concerts I've ever seen and I've seen quite a few in my day.

Music was LOUD. Moshing was frequent. Was drenched from the heat and beer and who-knows-what that everyone was spilling on everyone else by the 3rd song. Dancing while drinking is so the new black.

Played a ton of new stuff, a ton of old stuff, all of it the good old AFI I know and love.

By the time the concert ended, I was soaked thru and thru from the equivalent of an hour and a half musical cardio extravaganza...cause you just can't stand still when AFI rocks the house.

My ears are still ringing and while my heart rate has settled down, my mind is still back at The Fillmore. I really didn't want it to end.

Just So You Know, It's All I'm Waiting For...

It's late and I'm pooped. Not too pooped to blog about music, tho.

Check The Long Winters!

Not only did LSE give me the 411 on them, but he was kind enough to hook me up with their well as several other CD's from various other bands. Of course, I HAD to listen to the Ween CD's first...c'mon, you know me better than that to expect otherwise.

After I had gotten my Ween fix, it was on to the New Pornographers (very nice!) and now I've been playing TLW's from the time I got up at 6:45 to now...and will fall asleep listening to them on my iPod.

TLW's are on tour in the UK right now...that's'll give me plenty of time to listen to their repetoire before they come to Denver. And if they don't come to Denver? Totally their loss.   Nah, not really. It would be our loss as well.

(take two) their website says they are touring...their tour management says they are not....hmmm???

Smack For The Ears

Got Snow Patrol's  "Eyes Open" as well as an oldie but goody Weezer's Blue Album .

Didn't make it to T&S...rather, combined a dinner trip to Panera with a pit stop at Circuit City and a final stop at the grocery store. Sometimes T&S is too incovenient, not to mention too dangerous. Especially since I bought my plane tix for LOLLAPALOOZZA today.

Woke up at 5 am with another horrific nightmare, so calling it quits early since I have been draggin' all day....and all night.


T&S Time

No,'s time to hit T&S again. Stop laughing, Shmeder!

The new Snow Patrol CD hits stores today and if I am to be able to scream along to the lyrics when I see them on 23 May, then I gotta get the CD today. Makes sense to me. Right? Absolutely!

A couple more CD's hit this week...payday is this week...a sign from above that CD shopping is on my agenda.

Hey, any new CD's you guys have been listening to that you think I'd love, drop me a line, call or needs always are a priority! STAT!

ps #1- when you click on the Snow Patrol link, it will be if you are at work

ps #2- never recommend Jack Johnson to me. You have been warned!

Some Things In Life ARE Free

Like last night's Hoobastank concert.

Yeah, we had to sign up on the internet...or not (depending on who you talked to) and yeah, had to stand in line for over two hours (no big deal) in the midst of a group of 15 NON-STOP SMOKERS (huge big deal that resulted in cigarette ashes gettting blown in my eyes twice which resulted in my left eye being swollen shut this morning and made me miss the Rockies game but I'm not gonna go down that road right now) and yeah, sitting in back of a group of 10 smokers at the concert that kept smoking despite repeated attempts from security to get them to stop smoking, blah blah blah.

So while I didn't have to shell out any money to get in, and was Respiratorily&Visually-incovenienced by the inconsiderate concert goers around me, it was a free show to end all shows. Hoobastank played like it was their last show on earth.

Lots of old favorites and the new stuff they played really rocked as well. Their new CD 'Every Man For Himself' comes out 15 May and you can bet I'll be at  T&S  to get my very own copy on the 15th.

The Gothic was a great place to see them...very intimate, great sight lines and sitting just feet from the bar wasn't too shabby at all. Would love it if more bands did the 'free show' thing...a nice give back to loyal fans and probably an excellent marketing strategy.

On the way back to my truck, walked down the block with a family of 4...Dad, Mom and two kids around 8 and 10. The parents were psyched as were the was their FIRST rock concert and the fact that it was free enabled them to experience it as a family. Now THAT'S the type of family values I can relate to.

Thanks Hoobastank!


As usually happens after a CD buying binge, several songs emerge as right-away favorites.

The clear winners of this last binge are 'She's An Angel' and 'Cyclops Rock' by They Might Be Giants and 'Stay' by Oingo Boingo. Awhile back, LSE blogged about YMBG's song 'Birdhouse In Your Soul', so I checked it out and liked it so much that I made it my ringtone. That led me to search out some TMBG's CD's, one of which I snagged Saturday night.

For lack of a better way to say it, 'She's An Angel' just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Love the melody, love the words, love the the way it makes me feel which is really really happy.  'Cyclops Rock' is the next song on the CD and while the tempo...and the words -duh- are different, the song has also grabbed me.

Went out for a drive in search of a specific Thai restaurant in Westminster today...haven't had Thai in ages and the last 4 times I did the experience ended badly since the food always made me sick...and while I was driving kept repeating the two songs over and over and the point where if someone else would have been with me, they would have pleaded for me to play something different. Luckily, no one else was with me! Never found the Thai place I had in mind either, but it gave me more time to listen to my music.

The 3rd song du jour is 'Stay' by Oingo Boingo. OB memories are bittersweet. My brother Brian turned me on to them during a visit to his house back in the day when I lived in San Jose. Our whole family was hanging out in his backyard by the pool, with the designed-to-look-like-rocks-stereo speakers blasting OB...eating chips, drinking and just hanging out. Bri kept playing Stay over and over and over...guess it runs in the family, huh?

When I flew back to NorCal I went nuts buying whatever OB stuff I could get my hands on...and played everything ad nauseum for the rest of that summer.

When I divorced and we did the division of CD's, OB went away. And now they're back.

And so are the memories.

Happiness that music gives combined with memories of crashing poolside while enjoying SoCal sunshine, munchies, beer and hanging with your wonder I've named this category My Legal Drug.

In a nutshell, that's what music is to me.