évforduló magyar

Which is the closest I could figure on how to say 'Hungarian Anniversary'.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising.

I'm 50% Hungarian on my Dad's side and growing up it was not uncommon to have Hungarian literature in the house, especially when my Dad's Mom (Gramma) lived with us. Our knowledge of Hungarian was limited to the words for 'Hello' ...transliterated it sounded like 'Yor-re-gelt'. We always tried to get our Gramma to teach us Hungarian swear words. We finally broke her down one Friday night and she taught us 'summod'...which means jackass.

It did help that we plied her with wine while my parents were at Friday bingo. And we hid her cane from her. That was Brian's doing.

I know there's a Hungarian Memorial off Speer in a little pocket park. Will drive by later today to see if anything is going on, and just to have a picture of the marker so I can send it to my Dad.

Would love to visit Hungary one of these days and take my parents with me. Heritage is important to me and a trip to Hungary and Ireland (my Mom is 100% Irish) with my parents in tow would be a dream come true. Yes Kelly, you can come too.

Any of you ever been to Hungary? Pix and stories appreciated.