Random Pictures....Randomer Thoughts

The talk on the street at Yearly Kos 2007 was about politics, blogs, the HEAVENLY beds at the Hyatt McCormick Place Hotel (they WERE divine) and just how FREAKIN' ASS COLD it was inside McCormick Place.

Here Richard snags a 3rd t-shirt to keep from freezing. Never send a man with -10% body fat to McCormick Place. If this would have been a 4 day convention, he would have been frozen solid. Hopefully Richard made it back to Boulder safely where he continues to defrost.


Fun at the Teamsters BBQ @ The Lakeside Cafe w/ Coyote Gulch, Jason from The Uptake, John E and Richard (who continues to freeze).



There is a kid a couple of rooms down who keeps making realllllly loud phone calls in the hall. Not only is he not using his inside voice, he is not using his outside voice but his 'standing outside in a hurricane voice". This has gone on for the last 2 nights. Finally tonite his mom comes out to the hall and asks him why he is standing in the hall using his cell. He responds " But Mama...you said if I made a call inside the room it would be a toll-call'.

Kid you not.


Best line from the convention from Markos during his Closing Remarks ' But we're activists. We don't do silence".


For a convention of bloggers, I have never heard so many TALKERS in my life.


My internet connection expires tonite at midnite. Not even wireless, but dialup. What's up with that, Hyatt??

Tomorrow is back to Denver (yay!) and my own home (yay!) and bed (ummm...I want to take the Hyatt bed with me). Two out of three's not bad.

Music'd Out...For Now, At Least.

Just got back from Grant Park. Lolla 2007 ended for me halfway thru Modest Mouse's set. I was ready to leave, I'd seen and heard enough, the grass was turning into a swamp from the rain and yes, it was humid. Not as humid as FL (thank goodness) but bad enough to remind me why I am thrilled to live in Colorado.

My 2 cents on the day :

Blue October - got there 1/2 way thru the set cause I kept forgetting my laptop was on CO time while my cell was on IL time. Silly me. Saw Blue October last year (they were the first act I saw) and if anything they sounded even better to me than before. I'd definitely see them as a solo act in concert.

Kings of Leon - Both HDW and Jeff like this band and I am now a KOL-liker as well. They attracted a huge crowd and put on a really great show. Would definitely see them in concert and buy their music.

Yo La Tengo - Another referral band. My ex-roomie Quinn (back in FL 2004 campaign days) used to rave about these guys. He was nuts about them. As with KOL, Yo La Tengo is now on my radar. Need to stock up on their music and would see them again in a heartbeat.

Yo La Tengo to the right...

Modest Mouse to the left - about a 1/2 hr before they started!

Modest Mouse - I have their music but have never seen them. Sound quality wasn't the best when they started and I didn't stick around long enough to see if it got better. They're not one of my A or B bands and I'd probably see them if they came to town and I had free tickets.

I've never been a huge Pearl Jam fan and was never all that jazzed about seeing them in the first place. So when I reached my breaking point where heaven was walking out of the park and grabbing a cab I didn't look back.

This was my 2nd Lollapalooza in a row and I think I'll probably pass on the next one. Not giving up multi-day concerts at all...are you nuts??...but it's time to find something new. Was thinking it'd be fun to do Coachella in SoCal or the KROQ Weenie Roast that my sis Kel is always talking about. Or save all my nickels and dimes and shoot for a European fest. Something to think about.

Kosapalooza Recap - Day 1

Best thing about this morning was what happened last night.

I present to you The Bed O' Heavenly Sleep.

Pillow top mattress + duvet + down pillows = best sleep of my life. I don't think I moved once during the night.


Ok, started the day off with two back-to-back seminars.

The first one was hosted by David Pollack and Phillip Anderson. They talked about the importance that blogs can make in getting local candidates elected. Initially I attempted to take notes a la liveblogging and after a short while just gave up and decided to listen 100% instead. As one audience member stated, they were preaching to the choir. Everyone in attendance knew how important blogs are at getting local candidates elected. Many of the audience members work(ed) on local campaigns. Good discussions but didn't really come away with anything I hadn't heard before, altho I guess in a way it is always good to validate that which you already know.

The second seminar was Politics and Social Networking. Presented by Becca (Greenpeace), Ruby (Orange Politics) and Amy (John Edwards Campaign).

Definitely another 'preaching to the choir' discussion. To my way of thinking (and granted this is just me) it is just inconceivable that any candidate would NOT use all the social networking tools currently available and on the market. Hello, they are FREE! That's for starters. Also, the viral marketing potential is just too great to ignore. It made me very happy to have Jared Polis ask me if I thought he should go on Twitter. What I told him? DUH! Yes...what are you waiting for. Hopefully he'll be up and Twittering soon.

Only hit two seminars today since I wanted to allow enough time to get to see Ghostland Observatory take the stage @ Lolla.

Speaking of time, McCormick Place is huge and it can take awhile to traverse the many lengthy halls. Here's the 411 :

The size and versatility of McCormick Place are impressive:

* 2.7 million sq. ft. of exhibit halls
* 1.2 million square feet all on one level
* 175 meeting rooms
* 700,000 square feet of meeting room space
* 3 ballrooms, 2 of which are the largest in the city
* Assembly seating for 18,000 people
* 4,249 seat theater (Arie Crown)
* 3 theaters seating 300 each
* Ceiling heights up to 50 feet

Rest assured we are all getting a ton of exercise going from seminar to seminar.

Switching gears to Lollapalooza. Walking into Grant Park felt just like coming home. The blue cloudless sky, the breeze coming in off Lake Michigan, hearing the Buckingham Fountain...I was so happy I made it back.

Bands I saw today were :

* Ghostland Observatory - Would buy the CD, would see them in a full concert.

* Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Eh, so-so. Doubt if I would pay to see them as a headlining act. Would play their CD if someone downloaded it for me. Wouldn't do it on my own.

* Jack's Mannquin - LOVE THEM! I left Ted Leo very early so I could be in the front row for Jack's. Great location. Great band. Saw them in Denver April 2006. It was the first concert after lead singer Andrew McMahon was given a clean bill of health following treatment for leukemia, which he was diagnosed with just as he went into the studio to record. Today was the 4th time I have seen them in person and will definitely see them once more next time they hit Denver.


* Slightly Stoopid. Good band..start was a big sluggish, tho. Would see them as headliner's and would definitely buy their CD.

* Silversun Pickups - Had intended to stay for them, but the sun was doing a number on me..even with SPF 70..so I headed back to chill out, shower and find out what the nightly plans were.

Nightly plans changed once or twice, so I killed time by starting "Bloodsucking Fiends' by Christopher Moore around 6:45. Was half-finished by 9:15 and will most likely finish the book tonite.

And on that note, The Bed O' Heavenly Sleep and my book call.

Busy day today and tomorrow will be even busier. I can't wait!


That's what happens when you combine Lollapalooza with YearlyKos.

Yearly Kos is the yearly gathering of all the bloggers (and ya can't forget the lurkers too) of the #1 Left Leaning blog Daily Kos. This will be year #2. Almost went last year to the first ever convention in Vegas then bailed at the last second. Instead, wound up watching a huge chunk of it on CSPAN. Geek-alert. Guilty as charged.

Last year at Lolla I had the thought of how PERFECT it would be if both events were held the same weekend in the same place. Be careful what you wish for, right?

So, I'm going.

Clearly, the music is my #1 draw. While I am a proud Progressive/Dem/Pretty-Much- Liberal, I am more excited to see the bands than to meet all the Dem Presidential hopefuls that will be in attendance @ YK. Obama will be there and there will be schedule changing in order to meet him...hopefully our next President.

Have met Edwards before in FL for the 2004 elections. HRC? Could care less.

So on one hand will be politblog central @ McCormick Center with free wireless...the other will be headbanging rock @ Grant Park.

And I'll be right in the middle of it.