I Owe, I Owe

you a post on Lollapalooza.

I know.

It's on my To-Do List.

After paying my mortgage (done), mailing a package to one of my most fave and funnest relatives (also done), picking up an Rx from Walgreen's and catching up on laundry.

I do have to give an early-warning way to go to Hubs for turning me on to Mates of State. Saw them at Lolla and OH. MY. GOD! They are so many things. Rockers. Musicians. Spouses. Really cool and nice people that you would totally want to have over to hang out with. Their show was PACKED with a spellbound audience that hung on their every word and note.

So thanks Hubs for my latest addiction :-)

130 In 3


It will take me a day or two to adequately describe the sites, sights, sounds, events and people that touched my life forever over this past weekend.

In the meantime, pix for your viewing pleasure.






Top to bottom : Buckingham Fountain (entrance to Grant Park) with the Chicago Skyline in the background, Saturday at Lolla on the way to see Coheed and Cambria, Coheed and Cambria, Jared Leto stage-climbing, Jared on solid ground.



Vacay starts tomorrow afternoon.

Leaving for the airport the second I log-off from my work pc.

Not taking my laptop. May not even take my cousin up on his kind offer to use his laptop while I'm there.

Think I can go for 4 days without checking email?

Place your bets and odds below.

[Edit- Was talking to Jillian and hit upon this brilliant idea! Old-fashioned blogging...aka...journaling! Will take a journal with me to record my thoughts and impressions of my trip and all things Lolla. PLUS, it will give me incentive to finally make that 'lists of all lists' that I had been telling one of my buddies I was gonna write 2 weeks ago...and haven't done yet. Hope springs eternal. ok, back to work)

[Edit #2- Rosie, Shmeder and Heather - I will be within 25 minutes of an IKEA. Will try and pay homage on your behalf.]