What To Do This Sunday Morning

Normally I'd say I do what I do each and every Sunday am. Sleep late. Really late.

The only time I bend those rules is when there is something fun or worthwhile to do.

Have found something that fits both those requirements, so come on out and join me and everyone else if you'd like!

From Jared Polis- running for CD-2 in Boulder :

"Join me and march with us and some of our campaign volunteers for the Gay Pride Parade in Denver!

If you're GLBT, then come join us and show your pride!

If you're not, you need to do this for bragging rights alone. You haven't lived until you've marched in one of these! And make sure to wear leather and chaps. It's required.

j/k, dress is casual jeans or shorts; we will supply Jared Polis for Congress shirts for everyone.

We have bubble machines and candy to pass out, what else could you want?

I know it's early on a Sunday, but we'll have a great time. Join us for a fun Sunday morning!

We will have carpools from Boulder, let me know if you need it. Can also pick people up from around Denver, let us know!"


Polis For Congress

Here's more info! Or, you can friend me on Facebook and sign up that way!

Event Info Name:
March with me in the Denver Pride Parade!

You haven't lived until you've marched in one...

Jared Polis for Colorado CD-2 in '08

Sunday, June 24, 2007

8:30am - 10:15am

Cheeseman Park, be there by 8:40 am at the latest! Our meeting spot is RED #7
Franklin St. & 8th St
Denver, CO