In-N-Out 101

Over on Heather's blog the subject of In-N-Out Burgers was raised. Our buddy Rosie asked what was the big deal about In-N-Out?

I started to respond in a comment on Heather's blog, then decided, no. No, that won't do. Instead I'll devote a whole blog post to the wonder that is In-N-Out. It's the least I can do.

So welcome to In-N-Out 101. As a life-long INO consumer, this is my own take on the company and the food. Ready?

#1- Family owned for AGES! Really..a long long time.

#2- They only promote to management from within. Back when I did restaurant recruiting in CA, I tried to hire away several of their managers for more upscale concepts. The INO Mgrs wouldn't budge cause they were paid too much and treated too nicely. We're talking in excess of $100,000 year. For managing a burger place. Unreal.

#3- They are clean. Seriously, their restaurants sparkle.

#4- Quality. Everything is cooked fresh and made fresh and delivered fresh daily.

#5- It's really relatively cheap to eat there.

#6- Not much of a menu...they keep it simple.

#7- The burgers are GREAT. They really are. Hot. Fresh. Yummy. Heavenly. Addicting.

#8- Cool schwag.

#9- California history and tradition and coolness and goodness all rolled into one. Whenever I've met another Californian who lives outside the state, one of the first things I ask is 'Do you miss In-N-Out'. And they know I'm talking about burgers, not sex.

#10- INO is part of my California DNA. I grew up right around the corner from INO #2 and several miles from what is now Hamburger U. Every time I go back to visit, INO is the first place I stop after the airport.

So Rosie, that is my own personal take on what makes INO so special to me. And one of these days you will just have to try one for yourself. And bring one back for me, ok??