Follow Up To The Yay Below

So the carpet cleaning was a huge success!  The carpets look SOO NICE and even better, they aren't dirty anymore.

Now anyone that knows me well knows that my idea of 'dirty' may be a tad off from their idea of 'dirty'. Anal-Retentive-Clean-Freak, party of one. That's me and I am comfortable with how I am and what my standards are. And I don' least I hope I don't...apply my standards to anyone else's home. OK, maybe at work I do sorta kinda obsess about getting everything clean and 'just right' but seeing as my work's corporate culture has a huge focus on details, my efforts are appreciated...or at least tolerated?

It'd been awhile since I had my carpets cleaned and I admitted to Mark, the owner of the company, that I hadn't really been able to make the time back when I had two jobs seeing that I worked at home (so daytime visits were out) and I worked every weekend. Too bad carpet cleaners don't make 3 am house calls, huh?

He told me that they really weren't all that bad to begin with and all the dirt...mostly in high traffic areas...came right out.  As I promised to have him out every 6 months going forward, he commented that it made him happy to see someone as 'thrilled' as I was about having clean carpets.

It goes back to the little things that make me happy. Coming home every day to icky carpets was really doing a number on me and had started to depress me, being truly honest with you.  Money is not plentiful...never was really...but I decided to just DO IT and hope the end results would be worth it. And boy, are they. I feel like a million dollars. Huge weight off my shoulders.  I'm sure a couple of you can comprehend how I feel. At least one of you?  :-)

The company I used specializes in chemical-free solutions, so I have no side-effects from the cleaning. That used to happen when I lived in CA and FL.  Ya gotta love clean with no ill side effects.

Now comes the hardest part. Walking on it when I really don't want to. Wish I could levitate so I could keep the flawless look. Was going to move the furniture back tonite, but I think I'll wait until after work tomorrow night, just so I can see how nice it looks tomorrow morning as I head off to work.

Thanks for letting me share this quirky part of my life with you :-)  You really have no idea just how happy I am right now.

How Clean Is Clean?

Ha Ha. Trick Question.

But seriously, on the path to cleanliness of garden and patio furniture, one can never be too careful when it comes to cleaning.

Just finishing hosing off 3 patio chairs and 3 small matching tables that go with them.

Now I know any normal person would not even wash them. That's them. Not me.

So I sprayed with cleaner and waited 5 minutes. Scrubbed then rinsed. And just to play it safe, rinsed out the underside. Now you might be saying 'What a freak. Why the underside." Well here's why. That is where wasps and hornets hide and build their filthy disgusting nests. (Can I get an amen here?)

To prove my point, 2 of my 3 chairs had wasp nests underneath them. Eww. And one of the tables had one as well. Eww again.

So the tables and chairs are drying in the garage, the wasp nests are history, and this little act of cleaning has left me refreshed and ready to clean something else.

Trust me, I'll think of something.