Ignite To Remember

It turned out better than thought possible, this last edition of Ignite Boulder

741 wonderful people came out to see Ignite Boulder 5. Lots of laughter, geeky enthusiasm and energy filled the Boulder Theatre. The presenters were amazing. The volunteers, outstanding. The closing bands The Autumn Film & The Fellow Citizens, were entertaining.

Eventually the crowd dispersed, tables packed up and put away, final details attended to. 

Shifting from the IRL to the internet, the energy taken from Ignite moved forward and outward. Twitter & FriendFeed & Facebook were alive with feedback & congrats to presenters that lasted thru the night.

If you were there, you know what I mean. If you weren't, I'm truly sorry you weren't able to experience the magic.

Not sure how we can top Ignite Boulder 5, or if we even can. 

But I can't wait to try.


(Immense thanks & <3  to the Ignite Boulder 5 Planning Committee : Andrew Hyde, Aaron Sagray, Ef Rodriguez, Grant Blakeman, Larkin Carey, Mike Kohn,Rande Kamolz and Jo White! I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful group)

Top 10 Reasons You WANT To See Ignite Boulder 5

What is Ignite Boulder 5? Why should you see it? When is it? And why am I totally excited about it?

In 10 easy answers, here's why....

10. Larkin will be there  I can't even type the topic of his presentation cause it gives me goosebumps, so you'll have to read all about it.

9. It's the perfect way to kick off the 4th of July weekend.

8. Ignite Boulder 5 is the brain-child of Andrew Hyde  If you don't know Andrew, you should. And hey, you can MEET him at Ignite Boulder 5. So there ya go!

7. Chance to win cool stuff. Adobe CS 4. 16GB iPhone GS

6. It'll be fun. And funny. When's the last time you laughed?

5. Which stands for 5 bones. Have fun, laugh and win free stuff...all for $5

4. Meet people. Ummm, YEAH!  Have met some of the COOLEST people ever at the last two Ignites I've attended.

3. You will feel HORRIBLE when you hear how much fun it was...and you weren't there. (my feeble attempt at Jewish guilt. Is it working?)

2. Two kick-ass local bands : The Autumn Film and Fellow Citizens will play after the show.

And the Number One Reason You Want To See Ignite Boulder 5?

It's for you. And me. All of us. If you have any online presence...or even if you don't...it's a really fun, inexpensive, intelligent, goofy, interesting, music-filled and lemony fresh way to interact with a bunch of people that like to have fun.

What are you waiting for?? 

Click here and I'll see you there!