All Things Weinerly

If you know anything about me you must know that I love, adore, cherish all things weinerly. (ie, Weiner Dogs, Dachshunds, Hot Dog dogs, etc)

My buddy J told me about this next blog awhile ago. Read it, laughed til I cried, then promptly forgot about it. Until yesterday, when I remembered.

Miss Doxie.

Having owned a Mini-Weiner Dog in my past life that was one of THE loves of my life is where my "All Things Weinerly" affinity comes from. They are funny and funny looking. And steal your heart. Or at least they've stolen mine. So until I get my next dog...which will probably be never since I am in 'what, me be responsible for anyone/anything other than myself?' mode...I will live vicariously thru Miss Doxie and reap the benefits of dog ownership without having the downside of dog ownership.