111 Things in 1/11

I first read about Jenny's Challenge  early January and decided it was the perfect challenge for the New Year.

Ever since I moved into my current rental space. I'd been wanting to systematically go thru EVERYTHING I own and do a huge declutter sesh.

Know what? I did it!!  What I did NOT do is blog about it weekly.

So...let's make up for lost time, shall we?


Week 1 - Memories 

Pix - Before

See that huge white bankers box that is falling apart?  I'd been stuffing pictures, cards, notes, all sorts of memorabilia into the box since I lived in Florida. Before my divorce. So we're talking 9 years, give or take. I promised to declutter the box when I moved to CO. (Jan '06) Then when I moved into my last 2 rentals. (Sept '10 & May '10)  And on the night of Friday, Jan 7, 2011 I finally got around to it.

I didn't count each piece of paper, each individual card or note. There were pix from WAY back in the day (a first grade note from my nephew Patrick who is now in college), pix of said nephew with his brothers, and all sorts of other memory-inducing paraphenalia.

I tossed one big garbage bag of memories.  The rest I kept in one of two containers I got from Home Goods (the bottom container). The top? That's where my accumulation of stationary & cards now reside (removed from three see-thru purple bins).

Pix after

Week 2 - Welcome Home

I was in CA staying at my parents house for the 2nd week of the challenge. My parents are what I would call "accumulators"...they keep a LOT of stuff. Way more than I ever would (altho maybe I shouldn't talk since I'm the one that kept a note from my nephew for over 25 years). Anyway, I attacked an end table during my stay.  36 books, pamphlets, catalogues and an empty plastic comforter bag later, here's the results.

Book Table - Befpre


Book Table - During


Book Table - After

Week 3 - GO GO GO

When I sold my house, I put 95% of what I owned into storage. My clothing I brought with me. My walk in closet in my last house was my pride and joy...almost as big as a smallish bedroom.

(see what I mean??)

The current closet I have is nicer than most, but no where near what I used to have. It was getting out of hand - here's proof.






What bothered me most (even more than not being orderly) was the mass of black dress pants/suits/2 long dresses I kept lugging with me from place to place. Back in the day I had to wear suits. Dress pants. Dresses. I HATE SUITS, DRESS PANTS, DRESSES!  LOATHE! DEPLORE! Yuck.

Everytime I would see the accumulation it made me cringe. It was time to let it go.

So last Saturday it got GONE.Gone Gone Gone. Along with no-longer-used work shirts, clothes that were ill-fitting or just plain gross, clothes that weren't comfy. All of it, gone. 


Then I attacked my sock drawer. Was appalled that I'd let it get so out of control.


Moved on to the rest of my dresser. Old out of season (and way out of fashion) shorts gone.  This was cathartic. And long overdue.

It was also laundry day and while I took "After" pix at the end, it dawned on me that several loads were in the wash, so I needed to take a FINAL set of "After" pix. See the difference?  I LOVE the difference!!






All told, I tossed/donated 132 items of clothing last weekend.

But wait, there's more!!

I also got motivated and finally got off my ass to break down all the boxes in my living room. Mea Culpa, I'd been super lazy but one night after work I just couldn't take it anymore, broke everything down (only took 25 minutes) (sad, huh?) and Tweeted that I had clean boxes  & packing paper. Thank Goodness Denise saw my Tweet and alerted her friend Jen to my cache of boxes and voila...check out my living room!   (I love Twitter and my friends that use it!!) :-)

Living Room

Boxes Gone - 9

Packing Paper Gone - 3 big handfuls (and 2 boxes worth)

Peace of mind and contentment - Oodles

(somewhere I have before pix - will post them when I find them)

Thanks Jenny for posting this challenge and THANKS to Emily who DID post weekly and inspired me with each and every post!

Today's the last day of the challenge...it's not too late to join in. Good luck & leave me a comment if you took up the challenge!  

Happy Friday :-)