The Apple Fanboyz Should Know

Almost finished reinstalling all my CDs into my iTunes post hard drive crash. Every now and then my MacBook won't accept a certain CD. What makes it even weirder is that my previous iBook accepted any and all was never picky. Not so much for this one.

With the MacBook, it tries to read the CD 3 times then spits it out after the 3rd try.

Any idea why? Anything I can do to force it to read the CD?

iMac Is Sick :-(

Well boys and girls, am blogging from my work PC cause my little iMac is in the shop for what seems to be a very prevalent issue amongst new iMac owners. Commonly referred to as 'Sudden Shutdown Syndrome', enough iMacs have reported this symptom to Apple so the Apple peeps did some investigating and discovered that the 'heat sink' apparatus was malfunctioning.

This resulted in the iMac shutting down suddenly at random times. Also resulted in a REALLY warm lap most of the time. Ouch!

Should have my baby back by Sunday evening. The Apple Genius Jeremy (hi Jeremy, try not to add 50 new people to my MySpace account, ok??) said all the parts were in stock so it was just a one day fix.

In the meantime, I will limit myself to checking email once a day on my work PC.

Can you say withdrawal?

Thanks to my buddy John for the fyi on the heat sink issue!


...that's her name.

Have never named my objects, computers included. So I'm breaking with tradition.

Back in my Foster Puppy days, there was this one little puppy I couldn't think of a name for. She was a little Chihuahua-Boston Terrier Mix and weighed 2 pounds at the most. Thought of names all the way home from the Humane Society...called my parents and friends...nothing seemed right.

Tried to take her out of her crate once we arrived home but she wouldn't budge. So I said 'come here  Munchkin' and all of a sudden I realized the naming part was over.

Still getting used to her. At the store they said they would import my iTunes and all my pix. Not so much.

Will figure it out eventually.

I have a computer again. And internet.

Life is back to normal in Kathyland.

I think.

Today's The Day

My buddy Tom is buying an iBook and I GET TO HELP HIM!  Yay!

A PC user all his life, he's making the switch. Could it be the lure of the iPod? The ease of iBooks? The fact that I've been spouting all things Apple propaganda since he's known me? Whatever it is, it worked!

It's the little things, ya know?