I've been all antsy as of late! Maybe it's something to do with finally being almost healed...or wanting to shake up my life...or needing variety...or maybe all three?

I've tons of questions and hoping you'll oblige me with all your answers...cause I really wanna know.  So even if you've never posted on my blog, could you please take the time and share?

Here goes....


* What are your favorite 'go-to' blogs that you read EVERY day?

* What movies do you love enough to buy the DVD and watch them over and over and OVER again?

* What one activity makes you happiest of all and you would do every single day if you could?

* What did you learn most about yourself this year? Was it a shocker or a slow realization? Or a 'duh' moment?

* If you had a $10 iTunes card burning a hole in your pocket, what songs would you buy?

* Best casual restaurant in Denver/Boulder? Why?

* Top 3 design blogs you CAN'T get enough of!

* What defines 'cozy' for you? How do you accomplish cozy?

* What's the one best wardrobe change you've made in the last year?

* 4 books that changed your life?

* What's your fave comfort food meal? (brownie points if you share the recipe!!)

* What's a perfect day mean to you?


Hoping I get at least 25 comments! I'm really curious, inquisitive and maybe a bit nosy. And I just wanna know!


I'm all ears....