The only downside to J#2, as far as I can tell, is that I can't really discuss specifics of J#2. Given that, sometimes it can be difficult to convey 100% of what my actual job is like on a day to day basis.

On the other hand, describing some of the highlights of my J#2 are examples whose quality transcends business niches and cultures.

Kindness. Caring. Empathy. Understanding. Trust. Compassion. Leadership. Humor. Integrity. Credibility. All of these x 10.

And when you are surrounded by people that embody these traits it enriches your life in ways you can't begin to imagine. It makes 'work' not work. Instead, it's more like fun...and you get paid for having fun.

Then there's the downside. And that's when the people you admire & trust & look up to  move up and onwards. While you are happy for them and proud of them, goodbyes suck, plain and simple. They just do.

I had to say goodbye this morning.

Twelve hours have elapsed since I wrote that last line. 

I had lots of time to think today. By the end of the day it all came full circle when it dawned on me that sometimes goodbyes are necessary for people to move on in search of what challenges them and gives them a purpose in life. If there were no goodbyes, there would be no moving on. No progress. No change. And as painful as it can be, I'll be the first to say that change can be good.

So while goodbyes can be painful...and sucky...the ultimate takeaway is to cherish the time you have with each other, cause you never know when their time will come to move forward and impact other lives as they've impacted yours.

And if you're reading this...and you know who you are...I'll leave you with this line...

"Well the first days are the hardest days"

This Just In...

I promise, there WILL be an update of my FCRTWS (Fort Collins Road Trip w/ Shmeder) before the end of the Memorial Day weekend.

But first?

* Parties w/ J#2 peeps rock!

* Raspberry Vodka mixes pretty well with Pineapple juice  (in case you forget to buy tonic water)

* Vodka, does in fact, rule!

* I suck at Flip The Cup. Or Flip Cup. Or Cup the Flip. Whatever. I suck at it. (Sorry Erica)

* Breathalyzers belong at every party

* Thinking of buying Breathalyzers in bulk to give as gifts

* I don't think I've ever been happier or more grateful in my life.

Getting ready for another full day @ J#2.

Enjoy your weekend, won't you?