Catching Up

Summer was busy with lots of changes. Some good, some not-so-good but what can ya do, life is all about change.

Funnest parts of Summer were dogsitting Blanche & Honey Badger & Spikester, housesitting, Diane & Kelly invade Colorado,  my trip to CA to hang out with my parents for a week and dinners & fun-time with Tim & Brian. And Aigneis and Mildred and Tucker and Mr. Zigglesworth.

After answering way more Craigslist ads than I thought possible...and talking to way more "interesting" potential landlords than I thought possible, I moved late August. Back in Superior, a neighborhood that I cherish that's super close to work which my commuting budget loves. Superior is very much a bedroom community... a very spendy bedroom community...but the views and the parks and the proximity to most (definitely not all) of my my favorite people and places makes me really happy. And content. For now.

Had a scare several weeks ago when my Dad was rushed to the ER. We almost lost him but luck was on our side. Not going to say a whole lot about his situation out of respect for privacy, but he's doing much better now. Much better.

Still on the path to getting debt-free...closer than I was last time I blogged. The move put that on hold for a bit, but now I'm back to making progress. Yay for progress!

My friend Ryan is my inspiration. So is Mortgage Free By 30  As well as No More Harvard Debt

Mr. Money Mustache is a local blogger that has a love for bikes and common sense ways to grow your 'stache.

My daily inspiration is Dave Ramsey.  His podcasts are free and they're a lifesaver. Every time I walk into Target I'm listening to a Ramsey podcast on my phone. Have any debt-reduction/frugality blogs you'd like to share? Leave the links in the comments.

I've gotten really good at saying no to anything that costs $. Ask my friends that issue invite after invite. If it involves money and even if it doesn't cost money but requires gas to get there, 9 out of 10 times my answer is no. Short term situation for long term rewards. Haven't been to a concert in ages. I love concerts...used to go all the time when I first moved to CO. They're not in the cards anymore. 

Back in the day when I was married and we were getting debt-free from $75K in consumer debt, my go-to answer was "is it a want or a need". These days my response is "INITB"...It's not in the budget. So when you start seeing INITB on my Facebook posts, you'll know what that's all about!

Finally, let's chat about blogging. I've been doing this for awhile...since March 2004. Doesn't seem like 8 years have passed, and I'm glad I've kept my blog active even tho it's been dormant a time or two.

It's been great to go back and read the archives and see where I used to be to where I am now and I'm sure the same will hold true years from now.

So that's my news...what's up with you?



You Know You're From Colorado If...

(Something I found on the interwebs - enjoy!)

A winter statistic:



You're from Colorado if You'll eat ice cream in the winter.

When the weather report says it's going to be 65 degrees, you shave your legs and wear a skirt.

It snows 5 inches and you don't expect school to be canceled.

You'll wear flip flops every day of the year, regardless of temperature.

You have no accent at all, but can hear other people's. And then you make fun of them.

Every movie theater has military and student discounts

'Humid' is over 25%. (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

Your sense of direction is: Toward the mountains and Away from the mountains. (Totally!)

You say 'the interstate' and everybody knows which one.

You think that May is a totally normal month for a blizzard. 

You buy your flowers to set out on Mother's day, but try and hold off planting them until just before Father's day.

You grew up planning your Halloween costumes around your coat.

You know what the Continental Divide is.

You don't think Coors beer is that big a deal.

You went to Casa Bonita as a kid, and as an adult. (But God forbid you eat there!)

You've gone off-roading in a vehicle that was never intended for such activities. (Not by choice, but yeah!)

You always know the elevation of where you are.

You wake up to a beautiful, 80 degree day and you wonder if it's going to snow tomorrow. 

**You don't care that some company renamed it, the Broncos still play at Mile High**

Everybody wears jeans to church.

You actually know that ** South Park ** is a real place not just a show on TV. 

You know what a 'trust fund hippy' is, and you know its natural habitat is Boulder 

You know you're talking to a fellow Coloradoan when they call it Elitches, not Six Flags. 

A bear on your front porch doesn't bother you.

Your two favorite teams are the Broncos and whoever is beating the crap out of the Raiders. 

When people out East tell you they have mountains in their state too, you just laugh.

You go anywhere else on the planet and the air feels 'sticky' and you notice the sky is no longer blue

I'm In Love...

Yeah, I'm in love. With Colorado!  Am sure it comes as no big surprise to you.

Ever since I moved here in January 2006, not a day goes by that I am not enamored of CO. Yeah, it can be rainy, windy, snowy and icy and I'll still be in love with CO.

Driving home from a BBQ on 4th of July, I was smitten by the beauty surrounding me as I drove on Hwy 36. While these aren't the clearest or prettiest pictures, I just had to take them as a remembrance of the day and the moment. 

Seriously, I could have the best camera in the world and the sharpest eye for photos and it still wouldn't do justice to how gorgeous CO is in person.

So what are you waiting for? Come for a visit!



Oh Canada!!!

And two of the coolest  bloggers  that live there.

As I was dashing to an event tonite, I impulsively pulled out my camera and took the picture below. Then I thought of two very special friends, one I've met IRL (that would be Mr. Lady) and the other I hope to meet one of these days soon.

That's one of the coolest things about blogs...the power to connect regardless of location.

So!  Greetings from the Speer offramp gazing towards downtown Denver. Not the snazziest pix...the light had just turned green and I needed to go...but still, you can tell it's Denver. Hopefully?

Mr. Lady, D-town misses you like all get out.  And Meg, Denver can't wait to welcome you! Whenever that might be, we'll be here waiting with open arms.
DSC00775 1




Why YAY you ask?

Cause shoveling is even more proof that I don't live in FL.

No hurricanes. No humidity. No freaky gecko's that invade your house at all hours of the day and night. No freaky gecko's that evade you as you try to catch them to throw them out of your house at all hours of the day and night. No whiny bitchy elderly Floridians whining and bitching 24/7.

I could go on and on, but the snow's not gonna shovel itself.

Pix to follow!