It's Here!

1 June, start of hurricane season.

As a former FL resident, this date used to strike fear in my heart.

I experienced Hurricanes Charlie, Georges, Frances, Jeanne and the bitch of all bitches, Hurricane Wilma. I was out of town for Ivan and Katrina.

Living thru a hurricane is something you can't really explain...right Jillian?

All I can say is be as prepared as you can afford to be and cross your fingers.

FL buddies and Chris in LA, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys. You'll always have a place to stay if you need to evacuate.  Hope this season is calm and peaceful and hurricane-less.

The H Word

I hear the H word as I'm vacuuming. Hurricane.  My stomach does somersaults.

Hurricane season doesn't officially start until next week, 1 June.  Guess Hurricane Adrian couldn't wait to make an appearance. 

Here's hoping this hurricane season is much safer and milder than last season. 

From my lips to God's ears.