Back in Business!

Came home after work...power still out.


So I headed over to Panera to eat and chill and blog. Eating part was great...turns out my neighbor is the manager and I got a free dinner...woohoo! The Panera Wi-Fi didn't work so I decided not to stress...something I've learned well from the last 3 hurricanes...and headed home resigned to a sticky, humid night sitting on the patio gazing at the moon above and the lake behind my house.

As I came around the corner into my development, I noticed light after light on...inside the houses! POWER! The closer I got to my house the more I told myself not to get my hopes up. But when I saw the lights on in MY house, well, I lost it!

Talk about gratitude!!

Electricity = A/C+working fridge+working garbage disposal+HOT WATER = someone who is beyond thrilled and incredibly thankful.

Ever since we lost power early Sunday am (1:34 to be exact) I kept telling myself how easy we have it compared to the people in Haiti...or Stuart...or Hutchinson Island...and Alabama from Hurricane Ivan. Not to sound Pollyannish, but we've got it oh-so-easy.

Come 30 November, I propose FL have a party to end all parties in celebrating the end of hurricane season. Do I hear a second???

Hurricane Jeanne - Update #2

Luckily we still have power...according to the Palm Beach Post 12,000 are already without power.

According to the Post "Jeanne was aiming for almost the same part of Florida that Frances slammed Labor Day weekend. What Jeanne did not do early Saturday is turn, at least not as significantly as forecasters had hoped, which meant a Palm Beach-to Fort Pierce landfall, further south than the Stuart-to-Cape Canaveral scenario forecasters had suggested Friday night. Hurricane force winds, which extended some 70 miles, were now likely to reach south of Boca Raton".

Yeah...THAT Boca Raton :-)

Oh well, at this point what else can we do but pray and sleep and once sundown rolls around, eat and drink!

Nami and Quinn have a festive post-Yom Kippur dinner planned, then after that who knows?

Truth or Dare, anyone??

Yom Kippur and Hurricane Jeanne

Yom Kippur started at sundown Friday and goes until sundown tonite. Yom Kippur is the Jewish Day of Atonement and during this time many Jews (including myself) fast (no food and drink) and refrain from watching TV, internet, radio, etc. It is time spent in meditation and prayer.

Seeing that Jewish law says you put Jewish requirements aside if there is any danger, I just checked the internet to see what was up with Jeanne.

GREAT...she's now a level 3 Hurricane. Frances was a 2. Here we go again.

I think (hope?) God will forgive me when I break Yom Kippur by standing in line at Publix for hurricane supplies.

As with last time, it'll be a full house during this hurricane.

Quinn's girlfriend Nami arrived from New York on Thursday. Not sure if Jacob will go stay in a shelter again with his girlfriend Giselle and her family. After Frances, Jacob said he'd never again stay in a was a really gross experience.

Please cross your fingers for us and I'll keep ya posted when/if I can.