I Saw Them!

I did! I saw them tonite.

Snow plows. They do exist.

Three of them rumbled into my complex about a half an hour ago. The ground shook. Yellow and blue flashing lights shone down on the neighborhood. I ran to the sliding glass door and WHOA, they are huge. Was sorta creepy and surreal to see them at night.

They followed each other like baby ducks following a mommy duck, up one street and down another.

First time I've ever seen a snowplow up close and real.

And it was way cool.

V'Imru Amen!

The driveway is finished! YAY!

(Disclaimer- it is not quite as aesthetically shoveled as HDW's or Rosie and Kev's or anyone else's...but it'll do).


In other semi-related news, I am typing this post with my teeth cause my arms fell off.

(Not really. But they feel like they're going to)

Next on the shoveling agenda, the sidewalk. If I can find it.


How Frontier Airlines...

...is like a High School boyfriend.

*Impossible to reach by phone

*Always busy

*Sounds promising, never delivers

*Infrequent updates

*Says one thing, does another

*Causes you to re-think the whole relationship

*In the end you give up and wonder just what the hell you were thinking.


Still haven't been able to get thru to Frontier. Have been trying since 8:30 Weds morning. I've accepted the fact that I'm not joining my family for Christmas. It's not that Christmas is a big deal for me. Far from it, being Jewish and all. It's just another day to me.

What bums me out the most is that I won't get to be with my family on THEIR most important holiday of the year. The holiday where they throw out all the stops and party, eat, drink, laugh like crazy. THAT'S what I'll be missing this year.

Weds I was really bummed, yesterday was better. To be honest, probably won't be in the best mood Christmas Eve when my family's soiree of the season is taking place.

Looking on the bright side I'm home with my internet, my own bed and a ton of other things that stranded passengers at DIA don't have.

This rant is over.

The sun is out, it's beyond gorgeous outside so what could be more funner than shoveling snow?






My horoscope says :

It's a good day to go to a concert or a museum if you can fit it into your schedule.

You mean, fit it into my busy schedule of watching snow fall, taking pix of the snow, being glued to my laptop uploading snow pix, explaining to family members that there is no way I'll be there to celebrate with them thanks to the snow, and wondering how long it will take me to shovel out the driveway and sidewalks which have pretty hefty drifts.

That schedule?