Friday Love List

Remember those?

It's been ages. Too long, really. Life's been busy and interesting and sorta kinda stressful but still fun.

Ok, enough about me. Let's talk about LOVE.  As in Friday Love List :-)

Things That I Love In No Particular Order

Ignite Boulder  (and all my planner buddies / our volunteers / our presenters)

* Sleeping in late

* I have a new library. And a new library card. Yay for free books!

* Ambient lightning that gives off a warm, comfy glow

* When traveling friends return to CO

* Imminent arrival of Spring (I heard birds tweeting the other day & almost lost it)

* More than two sunny days in a row also make me lose it. In a good way.

* Extra love it that more of my family have crossed over into the Valley of Darkness (aka Facebook)

* Exceptional health care coverage

* <3 my job so very much

* Ridiculously close proximity to the job I <3 so very much

* Have started bussing it to Denver. RTD + Me = BFF's

* Yoga (yep. me. yoga. go figure. love it. yay!)

* You. Yes you! Really!! YOU :-)

I told you mine, so tell me yours.

What are YOU lovin' these days?

Happy Friday :-) xo

Friday Love List

It's been ages, so here ya go.

* White furniture. I've gone back and forth (white? expresso? black?) and decided when all is said and done, I prefer white. Time to own it & move forward.

* The ocean. I saw it last week and didn't realize how much I missed it. Here, take a look for yourself.


* No more second-guessing myself. 

* Solitude (every now and then, it's a must have)

* Garlic mashed potatoes. Cheese. Bacon. All-rolled-into-one-glorious-meal.


* The possibility of a weekend and all that can be accomplished/experienced

* October in Colorado 

* You :-)

Have a great weekend!!

Not Even Close To Friday

But I'm gonna pretend it is and whip out another Friday Love List. What?? You don't know of the Friday Love List tradition? Then you must not follow the always funny, simply precious darlingly charming Meg

And that's a shame, so I'll wait a sec...maybe 3...whilst you pop on over to Meg's site.

(Cue Jeopardy theme)

Ok, welcome back!!  Now that you've had a chance to peruse Meg's Friday Love Lists, I'll give you the Kathyland rendition.

The Official Kathyland`Love List for Monday, August 3 2009

- Love that Thursday is my Friday (it's true!)

- Love dog/house sitting. It's funner than fun! And satiates my dog craving.

- Taking a cold shower after a sweltering hot day/workout/whatever

- Sunrises. And sunsets. Especially in CO.

- Long newsy catch-up calls with good friends

- Hi, How are you emails for no reason

- Waking up to cool breezes thru open windows

- Waking up to birdsong  (the original Twitterers)

- Grasping a techy computer-related concept that has eluded me in the past

- A-Ha moments in general

- Knowing that I can help someone financially, emotionally, logistically

- Freshly washed 1000 Thread Count Italian sheets. TO. DIE. FOR!!!

- When friends send me  pictures of their In-N-Out Burgers 

- When my Dad calls me by my nickname

Boulder Dushanbe Tea House  Visited for the first time last week...Amazing!!

- Lots of ice in my cold drinks

- No ice on roads, freeways, tollways, sidewalks, parking lots

- Love the possibility of possibility

What are you lovin' in your life right now?

Post your list (or a link to your list) below!

Friday Love List

(even tho it's no longer Friday)

What???  I was really busy and social and procrastinaty on Friday. So THERE!  :-)

...where were we?

  • Two days off in a row with those two days being Friday & Saturday
  • My iPhone. I <3 my iPhone. I really truly do. 
  • Planning for my trip to CA to surprise my Dad for his bday 
  • On a related note, LOVE the lower prices for airfares 
  • Falling madly deeply passionately totally in love...with a new CD! 
  • Paying all my bills and having a little extra left over. Doesn't happen all that often but when it does? SWEET! 
  • Getting an unexpected refund check in the mail  
  • Wedding invitations in the mail (Receiving them, not sending them)  
  • Sleeping in 
  • Making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich 
  • Lays Kettle Potato chips. Perfectly crisp. Perfectly thin. Perfectly salty. 
  • Sleeping in my own bed  
  • Having my own agenda 
  • Being confident in my choices and going with my gut feeling on said choices 
  • Sunshiny CO days 
  • Getting whatever NHL & NBA playoffs I can find on network TV 
  • My job...more and more every day
  • Being invited to a birthday party for a friend I've not seen in ages 
 So, what do you love in your life?

List it in the comments or leave a link to your list.

Belated Friday Love List

Very belated. It just dawned on me that it was no longer Friday, but Saturday. Having 2 days off in a row can do that to me.

The basis for this love list is 'right off the top of your head'...what do you love without having to think about it?


  • Lots of ice in my drinks (but not on my streets or freeways)
  • When major appliances work like they are supposed to 
  • Payday 
  • Random emailed pix that make me laugh out loud 
  • Thoughtful blog posts from friends that inspire me to be a better person 
  • When the furnace repair guy said ' Just once more month and then you can turn the heat off' 
  • 12 pack of Coke 
  • Electric blankets  
  • American Apparel white thermal LS t-shirts 
  • Surprises. The good kind. 
  • Fresh organic Raspberries and Blueberries 
  • Tweetdeck 
  • FINALLY finding out the name of a song that you've been wanting to know the name of for years 
  • Buying 'Supermassive Black Hole' by Muse on iTunes
  • iTunes in general 

Friday Love List

A couple of days late, but better late than not at all. Plus, the short and sweet version.

Actually, it's just one item for this week.

I did an entire Spring Clean of my house in one day. Even cleaned the guest room down to washing the sheets, blanket, comforter, cleaning the window sills and tracks. It's spotless. As is the rest of my house, pretty much.

So, when ya gonna come for a visit?

Have a great week!

Friday Love List

Before Friday slips away, here's a list of things I am currently lovin'!

This past week was full of mostly good, some bad, and several ah-ha moments.

  • Having Friday and Saturday as my days off
  • Friday the 13th!! 
  • Ending my work week with fun - ie. bowling, buddies and beer
  • Sleeping in late 
  • Sun instead of snow 
  • The possibilty of all I can accomplish in 2 days 
  • Sticking to my budget 
  • Staying in the moment and not acting rashly 
  • Saying no to procrastination 
  • Hoodies  
  • Unexpected checks in the mail  
  • Seeing the fuzzy spider BEFORE I stepped on him. Or her.  
  • Picking up a week's worth of mail without a single bill in the pile  
  • Rediscovering songs I love when I set my iTunes to shuffle 
  • Remembering the Thin Mints in the freezer 
  • Finding 2 extra tubes of Burt's Bee's 
  • Coming downstairs in the morning to a spotlessly clean living room 
  • Having something special to look forward to each day of this week 
That's my list....what's yours?

Friday Love List

The short but sweet version.

  • Friday
  • Sleeping in on Friday
  • Being able to stay out late on Thursday night cuz I can sleep in on Friday
  • Meeting friends for lunch on Friday 
  • Haircuts ( I got one today- whee!) 
  • When friends buy houses and let me help them move ( yay Richard & Sara) 
  • Options 
  • Bacon  (Hungarian Smoked FTW) 
  • Sunny days  
  • You 

Happy Weekending! 

Friday Love List

Decided to theme today's list...Foods I Love!  It's making me hungry just thinking about it.

  • In-N-Out
  • My Mom's Macaroni Stuff (a pasta dish she makes that tastes divine) 
  • Cameron's Bacon Guacamole ( I could eat it by the vat-ful) 
  • My sister Diane's Chocolate Chip Cookies 
  • Fall-off-the-bone BBQ Ribs (sigh) 
  • Pork Sliders from Boulder's Lazy Dog 
  • Grilled Kosher Hot Dogs 
  • Grilled Bacon Cheeseburgers with Guacamole & BBQ sauce  
  • Honeybaked Ham 
  • Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash 
  • Pretty much authentic Hungarian anything 
  • Crock Pot Pot Roast (say that fast 3x) 
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon 
  • The way Tom's partner Dale  makes eggs over easy
  • My friend Chaya's homemade Schnitzel 
  • Israeli chopped salad - also made by Chaya 
  • Round Table Pizza 
  • Everything my sister Diane makes cause she is THAT good of a cook I'm hungry!

What about you? What are your fave Friday Food Loves? 

Friday Love List

It's been a week.

Starting from my truck dying last Saturday as I was on my way to an appointment to the subsequent stress of figuring out how to fix it, could I afford to fix it, and how to get to work when the public transit choices were say the least..I present to you :

I <3 My Friends Friday Love List

  • My next door neighbors who drove me to work- totally out of their way, btw.
  • My buddy Evan  who drove me home from work Sunday night....keeping in mind he lives 4 blocks from work, which meant he had to turn around and drive back in less than ideal weather.
  • My Managers  who were reassuring and understanding like you can't believe 
  • All my friends that responded to a 'when desparate times call for desparate measures' email I sent last week. Even if they couldn't help, they responded...which is the same as helping. 
  • My buddy Andrew who offered to drive from Boulder to come get me AND let me use his car while my truck was in the shop
  • My buddies Tom & Dale  who offered to drive me home and back or wait, better yet, just stay at their lovely house (which is 10 minutes from where I work)
  • Also reaching out with support HDWClizbizBella's MommyRosie
  • Tom and Dale spoiling me beyond rotten as a houseguest. I swear they are in cahoots with HDW in that regard
  • And although he's not a good friend, or even a friend, Brandon at Denver Suzuki gave me a free loaner car while my truck was in the shop. Yeah, he was hoping I would buy it, but not so much. Still, it was a nice marketing gesture and I truly appreciated it. And if you need to buy a Suzuki, please stop by and say hi to Brandon Musante at Denver Suzuki. 
  • Last but not least, Ryan from my credit union who used to be my Customer Service rep. He's now a branch manager that came to my rescue when the new person I talked to at my credit union in FL said my signature had changed from the one on file and they were doubting that I was me. Tres Stressy! But Ryan to the rescue, so all was good. 
Yes boys and girls, it was a week. And having all these lovely friends (and Brandon) come to my aid made me realize that I have so much to be grateful for and isn't it nice when the people you know and love give that love back to you?

All you need is love. And a vehicle that works.

Happy Friday!  

Friday Love List

Taking a page from Meg

What??  You don't know who Meg is?? Well get yourself over to her bloggity blog blog and find out.

But before you go, you must know this!

Meg is a breath of fresh air and common sense and frivolity and interesting tid-bits and down-home Canadian charm and so many other sorts of wonderful adjectives and nouns and you really don't have a complete blog roll unless Meg is in it.

One of Meg's endearingly darling rituals is her Friday Love List.

I look forward to them every week and am never dissapointed.

Since she encourages everyone to do THEIR OWN list, well, here we go!

Kath's FIRST Friday Love List

In no particular order...

  • 3 day weekends 
  • Haircuts from Teresa 
  • Warm Colorado Winter days (it was 70 degrees yesterday!)  
  • The internet 
  • Having a full 12 pack of Coke..and one to spare 
  • Ice 
  • American Apparel thermal long-sleeve T-shirts 
  • Payday 
  • Falling in love with an old song all over again 
  • Bacon 
  • Having a job I love more than I ever thought I could love a job 
  • Feeling the same way about my coworkers of said job 
  • Finding new blogs 
  • My Cute Overload Calendar which makes me laugh like you can't believe 
  • Sydney - for the calendar and SO much more 
  • Freshly washed sweaters 
  • When incredibly talented musician friends send you free downloads (thanks Eric!) 
  • My new President and his beautiful wife and darling children   
 So what's on YOUR Friday Love List?

Share in the comments or create a list of your own. And thanks for the inspiration, Meg :-)