Catching Up - Little Known Fact About Fort Collins

Fort Collins has free vacuums...did you know that??


Found this out what...close to a month ago??...when Shmeder and I headed north for my first visit to Fort Collins. Yeah, I have lived here in Denver for over 2 years and had never gotten around to visiting our neighbor to the North...and location of Shmeder's beloved college experience. And? I'd never been on E470 either. I know..sheltered life, party of one!

So one day after work we headed out, with Shmeder at the wheel.

First memorable event? 

E470! Woohoo!


It only took an hour...actually, 54 minutes, from leaving my house to taking the freeway offramp onto Mulberry Street. And at the end of that street is where I found my first surprise of the night. Free vacuums. Who knew?

Our trip was a veritable walk down memory lane for The Shmeder.  Grabbed dinner at Avogadro's Number.  Saw a 'special' apt. Cruised thru the campus, taking pix of a dorm Shmeder used to live in.  Visited many places near and dear to her heart, including this fine reading establishment.  Yeah, nothing says cramming for college like books. Or so they say.


We parked near a cute little area downtown where I MADE Shmeder buy this totally cute dress. She bought two, actually. Both equally cute. Except by that time we were calling them frocks...not dresses. See how cute they were? And yeah, I know I used the word 'cute' way too many times, but it was,!


(Yikes! Turn your screen sideways...sorry about that!)

After a brief stop for ice cream (as opposed to Margs at the Rio- snif- gonna have to raincheck that one) we hit I-25 for the drive back after detouring thru Southern FC. Very residential and family-ish, but in a totally good way.

My take on the night?

I loved it!  Loved spending time with The Shmeder and listening to her stories....she's quite the story teller, that Shmeder....seeing the CSU campus thru her eyes...seeing the places she used to live and the landmarks that were near and dear to her heart...and getting to see for myself why so many of my friends rave about this wonderful place...all in all it was a great time and I was very much impressed with the coolness factor of Fort Collins.

Cool enough to move there?  Ya never know what might happen in Kathyland.

Thanks Shmeder for a wonderful time. And next time? We really have to get a free vacuum. (Wonder if they'll give me a Purple Dyson?)