This Moment On Earth


Sunday morning I liveblogged the visit of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry to the LoDo Tattered Cover Bookstore. They were in town to promote their new book This Moment On Earth.


Here at the Tattered Cover waiting for John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry to show...not sure how live blogging will play out in a diary, but let's give it a try!

(Disclaimer. I'm not in the league of front page bloggers on SquareState. (Not even close). Might be a step or two below JohnE's cats or Ralphie's greyhounds. Maybe. On a good day. Fair Warning :->)

Press here in full force...klieg lights going strong...should be fun!

BTW, extra seat available here in the front row with John E's name on it. John is at Wellstone today, so first come, first gets it. Any takers? (Thanks John!!)

11:30 - John Powers - Alliance of Sustainable Colorado- gives a brief intro on the Kerry's and their efforts to improve the environment.

11:13 - The TC rep makes a brief announcement. The Kerry's are running a bit late and will be here shortly. She also shares with us that this is the start of the 'LoDo Earth Action Festival (LEAF) a two-week celebration of Earth Day 2007, co-sponsored by The Tattered Cover and Rocky Mountain Land Library.

11:37 - John and Teresa take the stage. Share that 'this book is from our heart and our gut'. Thanks John Powers for kind intro. Quips that their book is made up of recycled Repub Gonzalez emails. (crowd goes nuts!).

Talks about the title. Says it is a story of scientific fact and real Americans who are making a difference. Dem/Repub..doesn't matter. We all have the responsibility to effect change and leave a better place for the next generation.

They celebrate what Al Gore has done in 'waking people up'. It's not just about climate control, tho. Teresa wrote a chapter on Toxics and what we put into our bodies and how it can affect, the unintended consequences that have affected our lives.

18 billions tons of diapers EACH YEAR from using disposable diapers. Takes 500 yrs for the plastic in the diapers to degrade. Talks about the G Diaper...a conscious choice of how you approach things.

Talk about Helen...cherry farmer in being undone by the dairy farming in her area. It took her 30 years to fight and preserve her lifestyle that was impacted by the dairy farming.

They want people to understand :

#1- book is a celebration of possibilities

#2- you can make $ in doing this! Dow, Dupont, 3M, GE, BP are making these choices and are leading...we have got to have a carbon cap. We can sell these technologies and it will help everyone.

You cannot talk about respect for values or faith in God if you don't respect creation and that balance....respect the value system to make these choices in a responsible way.

Had a good debate with Newt Gingrich (crowd laughs).

Talking about global warming, Newt said that yes, the science is real and yes, we must move forward.

Here is the choice that Americans must make.

#1- If Gore, scientists, Kerry's are wrong, what is the worst that can happen?? We have better health..have new hi-tech jobs...more energy independance..stronger national security...that is the worst. What is the worst if they are right. Catastrophe!

Teresa speaks.

'We need to ask why'??

Why don't we have a governing board over HABA (Health and Beauty aids) and home care products. Why are we not doing something about mercury? Why do we not pursue alternative hybrid energy?

Someone asked THK if she could do one thing if given $100? She would change all her lightbulbs to compact fluorescent.

Said if you read this book and it doesn't make you angry, you were not reading it right.

We need to give a sense of possibility. She dedicates her book to her grandchild and all the grandchildren in the world!

Q&A -

#1- Which candidate in 2008 will do the best job for the environment?

K- The Democrat! (crowd laughs). Then he says the American people are way ahead of the politicans. Talks about Portland (OR) being the greenest city in the US. They are down to 1990 Kyoto levels.

#2 - Ask about the Hybrid hybrid that THK spoke of earlier.

K - Says that THK quoted 150 mph. Plug in (electric combined with lithium battery) hybrid is how this is done.

#3- Why can't we harness the power of the ocean?

K - We can! K says it is being done. In France there is a dam across a river near the Brittany that harnesses the energy of the tide coming in. He just met with Gavin Newsome (SF, CA mayor) looking to see if they can harness the waves under the Golden Gate Bridge. There is a way to do this but we need to think downstream. Will it affect fish? Wildlife?

#4 - Woman grew up in Denmark. They use windmills. Sees wind power coming to Denver and it excites her. (Really sweet lady!)

THK- talks about a farmer near her in PA that started using windmills. People laughed at him but it worked! Said government needs to give credits for using wind, solar, alternative energy.

K- Where wind doesn't apply, you can utilize solar. Tax incentives would be great.

#5- Talks about women being in the vanguard of positive change. Do you believe women have a place in environmental change.

THK- Absolutlely. THK has been active in planning for Rachel Carson day in PA. Says that women have historically been the gatekeepers and the observers of their children. Women know when something is wrong and they have to get involved.

Talks about 'Body Burden'...all the noxious things we are born with and carry in our bodies. From birth to lactation show a degree of 150-300+ chemicals and carcinogenics in the bloodstream. We must not buy the argument that a tiny bit does not hurt. Shampoos that have placenta in them...pure estrogen...too much estrogen causes breast cancer. Huge rise in breast cancer amoung women. Studies coming out very soon on this subject.

#6- Is the Iraq war all about oil and is the military running interference for the oil companies?

K- What took us there was arrogance of the current administration and misperception of the situation. This (Iraq)has been a disasterous choice by the current administration.

THK- Air Force has made huge strides in 'the greening of the AF'. They are striving to make all their bases 'green'. Good news from the military!

#7 - Has her 11 y/o daughter with her. Thanked the K's for their awareness of the environment and how environmental education is so crucial to todays students.

K- We need this desparately. Architects, contruction, etc need this info. In the 90's THK worked with a contractor to develop green buildings in Pittsburgh.

Sorry guys...battery power almost out.

All typo's and misquotes are my fault. Will go back when I have plug in power and clean this up.

This is a great event...the house is packed. Got their book on Thursday and will definitely start reading it tonight.