Had the weirdest dream Monday night. That's not unusual...I have them all the time and for the most part remember them in great detail. This one particular dream? I've been thinking about it non-stop ever since Tuesday morning.

Seems I turned into a robot. Went to bed a human with a human body...and woke up with a mechanical shell. Inside I still felt human...had the same physical feelings...I could hear my heatbeat, think, swallow, feel hungry...but my outsides were robotic. My body was along the lines of This Eva-ish look and instead of legs there were two polished titanium stalks. I was tall, too! Probably a little over 6'3" which is tall to me considering I'm 5'5".

So there I was, all robotic and everything. Sorta like a dream within a dream, I couldn't make out if it was real or a dream...but then I decided it was real and I'd better adapt. And that was pretty much all the freaking out that occured. Like going to bed human and waking up a robot happens every day.

With no need to shower...or wash my hair...or blow dry my hair...cause I HAD no hair...I left for work. Yeah, I just got in my truck and drove into work. You would think the visual of a robot driving would cause attention or maybe a doubletake or two, but nope...nothing of the sort.

Work was very understanding about the whole Kath-turning-into-a-robot thing and told me to hang out in the warehouse...where I am most of the time anyway. I had a wasn't too off from my human I kept doing what I always do at work. 

The one awesome change was I could read the minds of all the computers. And so many tech details that had evaded me for years? I knew them..I knew it all..down pat. And that was probably the one thing that's had me recalling this dream so much over the last week. I was now a tech know-it-all. I was a de facto expert by default. Brain dump accomplished. And the talking to & with computers part? It was magical. Their thoughts were so smooth...polished...totally reeking of logic...unless their logic board was bad. They told me what was wrong with they wanted to be they had been abused and mistreated...and how they had been loved and cherished. 

The new insights and knowledge I'd acquired thru my assilmilation was calming. Yeah. I was no longer a human. And thoughts that now I'd NEVER have any type of human relationship (ie boyfriend/husband) did linger in the back of my mind. Also, I'd look nothing like my family anymore. Resemblance goes out the window when you're a robot. Instead of doctors and dentists, I'd have to find a place for checkups. Who would I call? Robots 'R' Us?

My next thoughts were of what I COULD do! Would I still be afraid of heights? Could I possibily fly? Hmm...I hadn't tried that yet...maybe I should? What would my endurance be like? Could I do an Ironman? Could I float? Still swim? How would I be powered? And HOW FREAKING COOL would it be if I could be solar-powered? That would rock!! A green robot. In CO, of course...what else would you expect?

So why did I have this dream? Who knows...why do I have any of my weird-ass dreams that I remember in great detail days, weeks, months later?  Maybe it had to do with living in a different place? I've been house/dog sitting in Boulder since Monday night...the night I had the dream.

And maybe it's a sign that more changes are about to occur in my life...physical, mental, work, academic?  I would definitely love to be more tech-savvy.  And I've always said that in my next life I want to come back as Gabrielle Reece (she is sooo hot & athletic & kind & outgoing). And being taller than 5'5" would personally rock in lots of ways. Plus, robots have always fascinated me. Not sure that I'd actually want to BE one :-)

I'm gonna keep thinking about this and what it might mean. Feel free to deconstruct what you think it might mean as well. The possibilities are endless :-)