Shorts And Tank Tops

Sandals. Baseball cap. Packing all of this cause I leave for Florida today.

During the first part of my trip the weather is supposed to be 55-60 and during the last part high 80's and sunny. Hopefully without the humidity but it is FL after all, famous for the mugginess that envelopes you and makes you feel like you're suffocating. Or at least that's how I used to feel.

It'll be nice to see my buddies and work buddies...some are the same. Will get some beach and booze time in as well and plenty of pix will be taken.

So have a good week Denver buddies and enjoy your projected 50 degree weather.

I know I should feel happy to be escaping this snow, but the only thing I'm feeling right now is wanting to come back...and I haven't even left.


Work From Home...

...that's what my roommate did today.

His voice woke me up at 6:45...he was talking to someone in the living room and had the light on as well. Normally the only thing I hear on the weekend is when he locks the front door to leave for work at 7:55. Today was different.

We had a killer storm that raced thru our area around 4 am...very intense. Non-stop lightening and boy was the thunder LOUD. Sounded like it was right on top of us. Seems the storm knocked out the computer systems at his work, so he worked from home today.

In case you haven't noticed, I sleep in on the weekends. Religiously. Being that it's hard to sleep when you have someone working right outside your bedroom door, I got up to see what was up. He made breakfast and tried to convince me to join along with him in a morning songfest...a cheery ditty he made up that goes like this..."Die, M$%%^&, Die $%^%^&'. You get the idea.

Went back to bed to read after breakfast, only to conk out again until almost 1. Showered, talked on the phone, roomie grilled the steaks I persuaded him to marinate last night, and we had a nice grilled lunch around 3.

And then for the rest of the day, up until this very second, I have been a lazy slug that has done nothing other than wash dishes, blog, surf and watch tv...and eat. We can't forget that activity, now can we??

Had the best intentions to work out, clean my room, organize my closet, organize my financial records. None of it accomplished.

For someone that didn't do much of anything, I'm exhausted.



Yes, the A/C DOES FUCKING NEED TO BE SET AT 75 degrees. It's FUCKING FLORIDA, for godsakes and I am MELTING!!

Wear fleece.  Get under the covers. Close the air vents in your room. I'm DYING here, ok??

6 more hours and I'll be gone for a week. Turn the A/C off and open the windows once I leave, but for now, more ways than one!



First Day Of School

Today is my buddy (and roomie's) first day of school. If all goes well...and I'm hoping it two more years he'll graduate with an A.S. degree in Respiratory Therapy.

I'm proud of him for several reasons...for realizing he wasn't happy in his last job, for spending the last year taking classes he'd need to pursue a medical career (earned an 'A' average while working 40+ hours per week), and for having the guts to start all over again at the tender age of 43.

I love it when actions speak louder than words.

Good luck buddy. Per your request, I promise to help you with your Medical Terminology class. I promise to keep the TV turned down when you're trying to study. And I promise to do my best to keep you pointed in the right direction when you need a push...or two....or maybe three.

Staying Put...For Now.

Got a peek at the house that my roomie wanted to buy.  Very cute, very charming, very small. And just one bathroom. Kick-ass huge backyard, however. Huge price as well.

As we left the house and he and his realtor discussed the details, he asked me what I thought. Was honest as always. Said it screamed potential, was cute, was charming and had a killer backyard. But no storage, not a lot of room and...oh bathroom.

Dropped them both off at home and I came back to work.

Roomie called me 10 minutes later. He's not going for it. Too much money for not enough space. WHEW!

I'm so relieved and I know he made the right decision.

So we're staying put...for now. He's promised to chill out on the whole 'looking for a house' phase. Told him whatever happens I'm cool with it...but next time, fall in love with a house that has 2 bathrooms.

It's the little things, ya know?

One Month Down...

This morning at breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios) I mentioned to the roomie (while he was cleaning out underneath the kitchen sink) that it's been a month since I moved in.

We both agreed it's going very well. He has been flexible on the A/C issue. He has honored my request of locking the front door when he leaves for work on the weekend. And joy of joys, he now puts the dirty-need-to-be-washed dishes on the right hand side of the sink. Right hand side, dirty. Left hand side, clean.

It's the little things that mean a lot.

We looked at another house after work tonite. HUGE backyard. Cute charming older house. One bathroom. (sigh) He wants a house...big time. With a big backyard. South FL real estate market is crazy...beyond big-time. If sharing a bathroom will help make his dream come true, then we'll share a bathroom.

After seeing the house, we went to a local restaurant so I could eat (was starving) and he could have a beer since he was not starving...not remotely hungry, even. That's a first!!

He got very serious and thanked me for being a great roomie, for suggesting his next career path to him and for introducing him to his girlfriend. He said I'd made his life very happy. A really nice moment that was actually very touching. Then I told him he really was a great roomie as well and no, he wasn't the PITA he always says he is. Cause he's not. Honest.

Then we came home and wound up in a heavy discussion over the diuretic effects of Coke. Discussion ends as it always does...he says he is right and I am wrong and that's all there is to it.

After that, we both laugh, he burps and farts then heads off to bed.

I stay in the living room and blog. With the A/C cranked just the way I like it.

Yep, it's the little things.

Resistance Is Futile

What a difference two weeks make.

When I first moved in, the new roomie kept the temp on the warm side...while I prefer low's 70's. Several remarks were made suggesting I might prefer relocating to Alaska.

Then tonite while watching a DVD, I got up twice to turn up the temp...I was freezing. While I washed the dishes before going to bed, the roomie pops out of his room and says 'I think I've assimilated you too's too hot for me'. Then he cranked up the A/C.

The BORG would be proud.