BIG Seating


was in the lounge area of the Hyatt McCormick Place.

I really like this look. Very cocoony and cuddly. So the whole way to the airport I tried to figure out how I would create something like this.

Not a fan of what is going on with the cushions...way too wrinkly for my taste. Wrinkles belong on Shar-Pei's, not furniture.

Let There Be Light

When I first saw these my first impression was 'very wax or smoke'. And no possibility of falling over, causing a fire, or potentially hazardous stuff like that.

While I like the smell of candles (and LOVE the smell of Cost Plus World Market Indonesian love love!) the safety and esthetic factor of how pretty these look won me over.

Plus? They have cool covers in fun colors for $2.85 a pop so you can switch from soft white lighting to soft colored lighting.

Can't wait to use 'em!

Guess What YOU Get To Do?

Help me design my office! What? You didn't have anything else planned for this weekend, right?

Oh, you did. Hmm.

Seriously, any and all advice welcomed.

Here is what I currently have :

Smallish office painted in purple. Actually, Laura Ashley Lilac #4. Love the purple/lilac but would like to tone it down a tad.

Color schemes thoughts are to add more white to balance the purple (think Crisp!) - or - go with dark wenge or expresso wood furniture with copper/dark coral accents (think Moroccan).

I currently hate the desk I have that was left by the previous owners. Too big and bulky. Not very ergonomic or efficient.

I am torn by my desk options.

Part of me really lusts over floating shelves with tiny spot lights installed underneath. Overall look would be very clean and streamlined. Would like to center the shelves on the West long wall and have a daybed or chaise on the opposite wall with sidetables and lamps to make it more of an office/guest room/library.

The other part of me is 'Out of sight, out of mind' and thinking an office armoire that hides everything would be the way to go. Plus, it's not as 'permanent' as floating shelves would be which could hurt resale potential.

So, here's pix of my current set-up with measurements.

Note: Phone connections (which I need for my office line and fax) are on the West Wall. Cable connections (for internet) are on the East Wall.

East Wall and West Wall measure 126 inches.

East Wall first.


West Wall.


North Wall measures 110 inches. There is also a heating grate right below the window that has to be taken into consideration for design purposes.


South Wall aka The Closets


So there you have it. My office in all its purple glory.

My company furnishes me with a desktop monitor(which cannot be a laptop...I've already asked), a HUGE ass printer/scanner/fax which I may send back to them and buy a smaller version of my own, and the PCU or whatever it is that you call the brains of a pc...the black bulky thing that I have hidden under my desk and heats up at the drop of a hat. All of that stuff has to be taken into account.

So while I head out for a nice walk around the golf course and go about the rest of my day and weekend, feel free to ponder this, my latest design quandry.

Katrina Cottage

I have always loved cottages. Be it a cottage tucked away off York Street in Denver, set back on a wide green lawn in Claremont, CA or bordering the Pearl Street neighborhood in Boulder, I've always had this 'thing' for cottages. I even subscribe to Cottage Living Magazine even tho my 4 1/2 year old house is a far cry from a cottage.

First read about Marianne Cusato's Katrina Cottage when I was visting my parents in CA. Tonite I was inspired to research a little further.

This concept cottage is now available at Lowe's for $35,000. Not exactly sure what all that entails. It is refreshing to see a finished design that incorporates beauty AND makes sense. 'Form follows function' is one of my favorite quotes.

When I toured the Lower Ninth Ward with my friend Chris words couldn't describe the magnitude of the devastation. It almost seems a travesty to try. Still, residents were rebuilding then back in June when I visited and they continue rebuilding to this day.

Not saying the Cusato Katrina Cottage is the definitive solution to the housing needs of New Orleans. Not even. It is a start, tho. And looks tons nicer...and probably works tons better...than a FEMA trailer.