Recipe For Birthday Funness

Combine a birthday friend, add more friends, pick a kick-ass band to rock out to at an awesome venue and you are pretty much guaranteed a great time.

While there was no birthday cake, there were Vodka Tonics a plenty and hard-core rocker chicks and lots of screaming and singing and dancing. And isn't that what birthdays are all about? 





And finally, Jeff's thoughts on turning 28. Or was it 29?

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Putting His Everything Where His Mouth Is

You know that saying 'put your money where your mouth is'?

Well let me introduce you to Micah. Pronounced 'Me-ha", not 'Mike-ah", just so we are clear on that.

Anyway, Micah is a local blogger I 'met' thru my buddy Andrew Hyde. I read Micah's blog or he read my blog or however it happened, we read each other's blogs and now we link to each other plus we are now Twitter buddies as well. Never have we met in person. Or talked on the phone. Or even texted. You get my drift.

Yet, without having gone thru the meeting and the greeting, I would have to say that Micah is one of the bloggers that I hold in the highest regard when it comes to respect and admiration. Micah's honesty and passion and drive are always front and center. Time after time he nails it by being totally-brutally-in-your-face-honest. I genuinely respect that in a person.

Micah's latest post is proof yet again of his bravery to lay his life on the page and make it public for all to see and to attempt to improve what needs improving in his life without making any excuses.

I guess in a way this is sort of a 'fan' post in recognition and admiration for the sheer amount of courage it takes to do what he does. That is Micah. Always keeping it real.

Micah, I hope to meet you one of these days?? months?? years??

In the meantime, I'll keep reading and appreciating your honesty and cheering you on as you create the Micah you want to become.

Best of luck, blog buddy!

Two Bloggers, Two Rodents & A Monkey...

walk into Heather's Denaversary Party...and the rest was history!

We were there to help our buddy Heather celebrate her 365 day mark of living in our fantabulously kick-ass city.

The bloggers in question were none other than HDW and myself. And not to worry, Heather doesn't have a vermin problem! The Rodents in question were Steve and Christa, members of Rodents of Unusual Size of which Heather is also a member. And the Monkey was none other than Howard who is a Monkey AND a Blogger and lots of other talented personas all rolled into one.

Other guests were there as well, all helping to join in and CELEBRATE!

Want pix? We here at ALS! won't let ya down.

Steve, Christa and Heather

Amy, Heather and Dave

Dave, HDW & Pam


Maxine Headroom?

Heather had her tres cool pad all decked out with lots of yummy food and drink. Ya gotta admire a chick who puts a map of Colorado on her living room wall, with lots of cool Colorado places beckoning her to visit. Knowing Heather, I expect to see it replaced by a Map of the World.

Happy Denaversary, honey! SO GLAD you landed here and even gladder that you've stayed. Looking forward to your #2 year in Dtown.


Saw the most amazing play Thursday night with my bestest buddy HDW.

Wicked, the story behind the story of the Wizard of Oz, flew into Denver this week and after a scrumptious dinner of fondue (you know we bring you appetizers, right?) we headed over to the Temple Buell Theatre to check out the Wicked Witch of the West and her retinue.

It's sort of funny, the way things turn out.

The first time that Wicked came to Denver, I was about to fly to Denver for my first househunting trip and had only recently met HDW thru her blog. She was very kind, offering suggestions of neighborhoods to check out and areas to consider.

And now? We're buddies! I can't imagine her not being in my life and every now and then I start to say 'remember when' and realize she didn't know me 'back when'...that it's only been a little over a year since we actually met live and in person.

(Gotta love the internet!)

I will leave the in-depth description of the play to HDW, cause everything I could ever say about the performance would consist of one or two words.


Yeah, it was that good.

Seeing Wicked with HDW was one of the high points of my new life in Denver. Such an amazing evening on so many levels! And, we both came away with Wicked Hoodies! Can life get any better?



Cinnamon Butter = New Blog Buddy

There really are no coincidences in life. Or at least that's what I truly believe.

Today was a perfect example of flow. Woke up seconds before my cell alarm went off. There really is no comparison to the simple pleasure of just lying in bed with the electric blankie turned to low, savoring those last minutes until you MUST get up and start your day.

The day pretty much ran like a well-oiled machine. A hybrid machine, of course :-)

Spent more time when needed with certain clients even tho it cut into my time allotment, yet it's what needed to be done plus it just felt right. It alternately amazes me and gratifies me to know that so many of my clients have been with me for 3, 4, 7, 8 plus years, we've never met, yet they trust me day in and day out to help them plan their lives around their assignments.

The ongoing lure of my laptop (which I place to the left of my chair while I work on the work desktop every now and then) was just too tempting today, so after lunch the laptop stayed in my bedroom so I could be in focus mode.

Finished ALL my calls and duties at 3:32, thank you very much! and it was a sweet relief to power down the work pc, return to my bedroom and power up my laptop, and just kick back after a productive day...not counting burning the popcorn at lunch. That was sorta kinda gross.

So you are saying right about now...'Ummm...Kath? Cinnamon Butter? Hello??


See, I had been craving BBQ ribs for ages. And nice warm fluffy rolls with cinnamon butter for even longer than ages....seeing as I tried to live gluten-free since late Oct. So, when that feeling hits, the only place I wanna go is Texas Roadhouse.

So off I went, after a Costco run. It's two blocks away and figured I'd take care of everything at once.

Beginning goes smoothly. Sweet and attentive waitress takes my order. I eye the rolls in front of me while I wait for my Coke. Finally I dig in. Oh. My. Goodness. It has been waaaay too long. They taste better than divine. Still, I pace myself. Wanted to save two for lunch tomorrow.

Then (spoiler- here comes the good part) along comes Justin.

He tries to entice me with MORE rolls and cinnamon butter! Eek! Danger Will Robinson. I politely decline. He politely offers them again. Decline. Offer. Explain this my roll splurge is exactly that, a splurge.

So we compromise. He gives me an extra container of cinnamon butter. And the URL to his blog. Yep, he's one of us, boys and girls. That elusive creature known as a Denver Blogger.


Like I said, there are no such things as coincidences.

So hey Justin, welcome to my world that revolves around some of the coolest bloggers you will ever meet. Tres cool.

And thanks for the cinnamon butter.

And Here You Thought The Voting Ended 7 November

Silly you!

No, the most important voting of the year is underway. And this time you get to vote for someone you all know and love (and if you don't know her you would love her if you did know her) my bestest buddy HDW.

Her Hotness is a finalist in the 2006 Weblogs Award (Best Diarist Category) and here's the link so you can run on over and vote...every day!

My personal take is that HDW is one of the best undiscovered writers out there and I am so thankful I get to hang with her here in Denver before she is DISCOVERED and then it's just a life of whirlwind book tours, and jet-setting and next thing you know she'll be on E! with her best bud Paris Hilton.

So vote for her now when you can say you knew her when.

Good luck, honey!

Hey Denver Bloggers!

If you're in Denver or plan on being in Denver (ahem, I'm talking to YOU!) next Monday 20 November, get your bloggy-butt over to laugh your bloggy-butt off seeing THEM!.

If you miss it, you really won't forgive yourself.

Cause not only will you have missed it (Loser!) you will have to put up with everyone that went talking about it for the following week.

So just give in and go...otherwise the terrorists will have won.

DL gang, even if you don't have a blog you'd best be there if ya know what's good for you! (oooh...Kath getting aggro!)

I promise that Howard did not pay me in small unmarked denominations to post this message. But he can!!

Coming Out Of Hibernation

My reticence to venture back into all things political is thawing. My self-imposed political hibernation since the drastic (pathetic?) results of 2004 is ending. Tonite, I got a taste of what it was like to be a Political Progessive once more. It tasted like beer. And I had fun.

Started at the LoDo Tattered Cover for a brief talk and book-signing by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, better known in the liberal blog world as Kos of DKos . In case you don't know me very well, Kos has been one of my political idols since late 2003. He was partly responsible for motivating me to start blogging. He is a rock star in the progressive blogosphere...and rightly so.


He remembered me! A guy who has over 1 million people read his blog every day and Kos remembered me from when I used to be Team Stork's blogger on Daily Kos. WOW. Can you say blown away?

When he asked me if I was active in Denver (minutes earlier he'd asked me 'I thought you lived in Florida...what are you doing in Denver?) I said this past weekend when I signed up for Drinking Liberally was the beginning of me becoming active in Denver. Then he inscribed my copy of his book 'Crashing The Gate' with "Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of a progressive Dem Majority-  Markos". Again, another WOW moment. This was just too much to take in all at once.

Afterwards headed over to Mario's Two Sisters, the regular meeting place of Drinking Liberally. Within minutes of arriving, started talking to other Progressives that had traveled far (em dash!) and wide (Avi from the Springs...hey Avile!) to see Markos and attend the meeting.

It was heaven, being around 'my type' once again. Even tho I had just met everyone, I felt at home.

From out of nowhere, my uber-cool stylist Alyssa appeared so we hung out and chatted with each other and Avi for the rest of the night...the place was packed and we were quite content snagging some of the few rare barstools in the bar.

Thanks Markos and kind folks at the Tattered Cover and John at Drinking Liberally for spearheading this event. It gives me hope that I can make a positive progressive difference in my new home also gives me a reason to get active again.

We have work to do...time to get busy.

Too Pooped To...


Almost, but not quite!

Got to meet yet another Denver Blogger tonite! 

Gabe of Repetitive Motion Injury  as well as Denver Metroblogging is the second blogger I've met since moving to CO in January.

First noticed Gabe on Denver Metroblogging (hey, a guy that likes The Fray just HAS to rock, right?) then moved over to his personal blog, RMI.

Trust me, Gabe is gonna be one of those writers that you can look back on and say..'Oh yeah...I knew him in the beginning BEFORE he became famous, before he won his Pulitzers, before he was on the cover of national literary magazines, before he made it big.

He's talented, funny, charming and if I didn't have to come back and finish up work-related duties we probably would have still been sitting at Gordon Biersch, chatting away about blogs and Star Trek and FL and just about everything under the sun.

Denver bloggers...some of the nicest people in the state.

Yet another reason why I love my new home town!