Nancy Drews UPDATE!!!

LSE posted this update in the comments section in my last moving it up top so everyone will see it.

breaking news:

the nancy drews' bassist just bailed on the gig. i don't know what's going to happen at this point, but it's fairly unlikely that we'll be playing. we'll still be at the show, just perhaps not playing. i'll keep you updated, kath. it still will be a good night of music so maybe we can make just a fun party night of bloggers.


Ok gang...let's show out in force to make this a Fun Party Night Of Bloggers for the books. LSE needs some Blogger solidarity. And a shot of Jager probably wouldn't hurt either.

LSE, Shmeder and I will be there (I'm her DD so she HAS to be there!!) and hopefully all you other Denver Bloggers will join in.

Rosie, we'll have drinks for you as we know you will be with us in spirit...ha ha...spirit...get it??

Ditto for you are formally excused.

Everyone else? See ya there!

The Nancy Drews WILL Rock You

The day many of us have been waiting for is hours away.

This Saturday at 8ish come out for The Nancy Drews at  Old Curtis Street Bar, near 21st street. Am tellin' ya, it's much better to see the ND's now, up close and personal, rather than waiting in line when they hit big-time.

Wow...that rhymed! LSE, feel free to take it and run with it, dude!

It'll be rockin', it'll be almost free (small cover), it'll be the place to be. Damn. Another rhyme. Not trying, really I'm not.

So get off your asses, join the masses, raise some glasses and grab some lasses. Ok, I tried that time. Sue me.

See ya there!

[update from LSE: the first band's not going to go on until probably 9:30 though, which means we'll go on at around 10:30, fyi.].

HDW, I'm still down for getting there at 8-ish...what say you? Hubs? LSE? Anyone else? I'm flex, so let me know if I need to readjust my ETA.

Not So Vain


For a band called The Vanity , they're not vain at all!

Met Kamruz and the boys tonite when they ROCKED The Gothic  big-time. Openers for Hoobastank, (more about them later) they played it hard, fast and tight. I'm not a music critic - far from it- but I know what I like and I really liked these guys. Was lucky enough to snag one of their demo CD's which I've already dowloaded to my iTunes and have been playing over and over and over.

There are a ton of great local bands here in Denver and The Vanity is a band you won't want to miss. If you're one of the unfortunates that didn't get to see tonite's show, you can check them out this Thursday (27 April) back at the Gothic . It'll be time and money very well spent.