My Guy

Seeing as I'm not into clutter and excess stuff, my house is normally pretty streamlined as houses go. One of my biggest weaknesses is magazines. Tossed 35#+ worth of my faves into the recycling bin last Thursday nite. The bin was actually too heavy to pick up, so I pushed it from the garage to the front yard.

Still, there are some things that are too special to toss. This is one of them.

I'll keep this until the day he's President, however long that takes.

In the meantime, NTodd was kind enough to post this link.

If you're sick of the ways of the Dark Side (ie- Republicans) I urge you to sign it. And if you're not? Well, obviously you haven't been paying attention.

Howard Dean Is Coming To Town...


Sorry for yelling...when Rita Castor (daughter-in-law of FL Senate hopeful Betty Castor) called to tell me that I would be included in a group of people that would get to meet with Howard privately this coming Monday I DID scream...yeah, I was at work...not the best place to scream...but how many times do you get the call saying that you'll have a private audience with Howard Dean??

Howard is coming to West Palm Beach in support of Betty Castor, one of his newest Dean Dozen...they'll also be joined by Janet Reno, another one of my political idols. Seeing as I was a proud DFA'er when it meant Dean For America (now Democracy for America) Frank and Rita Castor graciously asked us local Deaniacs to help plan the event...and also included us in the Howard 'meet and greet'.

Wound up asking for Monday off so I can enjoy the whole experience plus help the Castor Crew without having to worry about getting back to work...thank goodness Nic said she would cover for me...I owe you BIG TIME, Nic!

So yeah, I am beyond jazzed that I will have the huge honor to meet the man who is responsible for getting me involved in politics. Between now and Monday I'm going to work on the 'Thank You Howard' letter I've been meaning to write for the last 6 months...seems like now is as good as time as any.

That, and mentally prepare myself not to spaz...or cry...or faint...when I finally meet him.

I have a lot of work to do between now and Monday!