Life As We Know It...

...might very well be non-existant within 50 years. Especially if you live on the East Coast, the West Coast, The Netherlands, Beijing...

This afternoon I saw 'An Inconvenient Truth'  with my buddy Heather .

Had been meaning to see it eventually, but after a nudge from Chris  (see his 18 June review) I decided to see it sooner than later. This movie blew me away.

It's amazing that Al Gore has been steadfastly hammering on this subject since the '70's. His scope and understanding of the issue is impressive and I truely hope that his status as the President-Who-Never-Was won't deter those who might otherwise be interested in this topic. As it was, the theatre in Bel-Mar had only 20 or so movie-goers when Heather and I were there.

If you want an in-depth review with facts and figures, check out Chris' site.

All I can say after seeing this is I am telling everyone I know that they MUST see this movie. Just told my parents (who NEVER go to the theatre) that they had to break with tradition and go out and see it...and take my siblings along with them!

Am also sending out an email to everyone in my address book (except for Chris and Heather!) urging them to see it as well. While it won't happen for awhile, my next vehicle WILL be a Hybrid, I already recycle and I''ve decided to reseach the alternative energy options in my area and see what I might be able to take advantage of.

Please don't read this and think 'I'm only one person, what can I do'? One person can do plenty. Just ask Al Gore.

Did You Know??

This article in Slate had some pretty interesting figures.

Take this factoid, for instance :

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has data on the price of human husbandry. According to the latest estimates, depending on your income, it costs anywhere from $139,110 to $279,450 to raise a child to age 17. And that doesn't include college, or graduate school, or help with the down payment for a starter home. Phillip Longman argues that these are lowball estimates, because they don't account for the forgone wages of a mother. "For a middle-class couple in which the wife works, but takes some time off, I came up with a total per-child cost of $1 million in direct and indirect costs."


Oh Baby!

Seems there are more tangible types of hurricane memories than reliving our three days of 'Truth or Dare' during Hurricane Frances.

MSNBC reports about the Florida phenomenon of 'Hurricane Babies'.

The clip featured new parents at Boca Community telling tales of 'what we did during the hurricane' as well as my OB/GYN Dr. David Lubetkin offering his viewpoint on the baby boom.

Hmmm....babies or fond memories of being drunk and silly for 3 days?

No brainer choice as far as I'm concerned.

Jager, anyone?

Hurricane Ivan

It's physically upsetting to watch Ivan advance towards LA,MS,AL and FL.

Not less than two weeks ago I was going thru the same thing...and I'm reliving it tonite. It sucked then and it sucks now.

Called my buddies in LA...spoke with Steve and Jillian earlier today...they were stocking up for their hurricane party (poor Jillian...two hurricanes within two weeks!) and tried Chris twice this morning...circuits busy both times...was finally able to leave a msg for him tonite.

Stay safe guys and enjoy your parties...I'll expect full reports (with pix!) by the time I'm back in FL.

And one more thing...would somebody please tell Anderson Cooper and the rest of the CNN reporters to get the HELL inside and stay there!

Bridge The Gap For Healthcare

On my way out the door to particpate in a "Bridge The Gap" event being staged by one of my DFA buddies!

WTG Gordon!!

Bridge the Gap is a nationwide call to action to raise awareness of the meager state of insured care in America and help achieve quality, affordable healthcare for all.

All over the US concerned citizens (including yours truly) will be out in force on bridges here and there, far and wide, calling attention to the fact that 44 million Americans are uninsured when it comes to healthcare. I am fortunate to have healthcare thru my employer. Yeah, I pay triple the cost of what I paid two years ago but that is another subject for another time. Bottomline, I am grateful that I have healthcare coverage.

So please do your part in whatever way you can!

Participate if you know of a local group that is sponsoring this event. Give a friendly wave and honk if you drive by a group of "Bridge" supporters. And most importantly, give your vote to candidates that have shown by their actions that they are committed to helping us achieve our goal.