Let's Talk About Wine!

I've posted in the past how I am not really a fan of wine since it gives me massive headaches and knocks me out each time I try it. Me and Jager Bombs? No problem. Vodka Tonics? A piece of cake. Wine? Not so much.

Well guess what!!??

Had two different wines on Thanksgiving (Thanks Cameron) and had no headaches as a result. Nice! Plus the wines were really good.

On a somewhat related note, several days earlier I had emailed my Cousin Bill (Hi Honey!) to ask if I could post a link to his weekly video segment for the Chicago Tribune where he talks about all things wine-related. He said yes...yay!

So here's his link. The Tribune posts a new video each Wednesday.

Am adding his link to my blogroll as well. Maybe that will convince his editor to send him on a business-related trip to Denver?? Hey, I can hope, right?