Last Chance For Laughs

...for 2007 at least!

Check out Monkey's Uncle TONITE as they perform their last show of the 2007 season. All proceeds from the show go towards Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, a charity near and dear to their collective simian hearts.

So! Do a good deed AND laugh your butts off at the same time. And drink! They serve drinks at Jazz@Jacks. But wait, there's more!

Jazz@Jack's is at the Denver Pavillions. So you can also do your holiday shopping before and after the show.

Let's recap =

* Last chance to laugh

* Help a worthy cause

* Drink

* Cross out a few things on your shopping list

* Get out of the house

* Did I mention they serve drinks?

See you there*!

* Even tho I am having major dentistry work earlier in the day and I will be all slurry and puffy-faced, I am still not gonna miss this.

The Final Cut - Denver Zombie Crawl 2007

The idea first came to me early last week. What would I be for the Denver Zombie Crawl was the recurring thought running thru my brain. Zombie, Zombie, Zombie I kept repeating. Then all of a sudden? ZOMBEE! That was it! I would be a Zom-Bee Zombie. Complete with Bee Deeleybobbers. Aka, antenna. Deeleybobbers is a funner word, tho. Don't you think?

So! My idea was hatched. And in true Kathy form, I told everyone I was gonna do it. Before I found the costume. Yeah, me and details? Not always on the same page. But I was confident that I would find a bee costume so I didn't worry all that much. Until Saturday morning when I was in FULL ON freak out mode since I couldn't find an affordable bee costume.

So I emailed TCD and confided my freakingoutness to him. He told me not to worry and to be at his place at 1. NICE! A friend to help me and calm me down. Better than valium and more priceless than gold.

I had come up with an alternative costume that wasn't really a costume. Raggy jeans and my Dad's grey sweatshirt he keeps here for when he visits (hi Dad!!). Figured I could replace it before he and my Mom plan their next visit.

So off to TCD and Hayes' house I go. Then off to Wizard's Chest (where TCD used to work) we go in search of more blood and whatever else might strike our a Bee Costume?

We get there and WOW, what a place! I had walked by Wizard's Chest many a time but this was the first time I'd gone inside. Very cool!! AND? I found my bee costume. I was so excited I could have floated on air. Which would have prevented me from falling down the stairs...which I did..and right into a display at the base of the staircase. Stairs and going down them are not for me at all. I re-assembled the display I crashed then brushed it off as no big thing and walked away...embarassed on the inside and acting clueless on the outside.

We paid for our stuff then headed off to Target for long t-shirts, broke for lunch at Wahoo's, then off to snag some Zombie duds for TCD.

Then back to the house for makeup! And music. I am now in love with Apple TV. And Eagles of Death Metal. And MC Lars.

First there was the splattering of blood!


Then Zombee makeup!


Music to apply Zombee makeup was dead (ha!) on!


Then it was Dan's turn!




Honey, I'm home! Too bad Hayes wasn't home to see this!


What a COOL lookin' Zombie!


Soon we were out the door on our way to the Denver Pavillions where we met up with others of 'our kind'! We got there the exact moment everyone started the 'Crawl'. Great timing!


We and our 'undead' peeps staggered and fell upstairs while groaning and screaming and asking for brains. It took me a while to get my 'Zombee spiel' down, as the last holiday I celebrated was 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'. So I said 'Arrrgggg" a lot. Way too much actually. But no one was really keeping track.

We looped up and down the Pavillions. Victims were attacked, noise was made, tons of pix were taken by passersby and it was just so much fun!.

Back on the 16th Street Mall, we crawled down towards Market. At one corner there were bongo drum players, so of course we went into 'Bongo Zombie' mode after we crossed the street. Some of us were invited into the Aveda Institute so OF COURSE we hit them up to scare them and check out their brains. They laughed at a nice way...and we left without one new brain to our name.

As we got closer to Market there were more and more restaurants we passed with outside seating...the perfect venue to ask for 'brains'. There are many ways to ask for brains!

BRAINS! - The demanding request

Brains???- The polite request

Brains Brains Brains! - The excited request

BRAIIINSSSS!! - The 'hey, you ARE eating brains and can I have some?' request.

(And Mom...if you are reading?? Several people told me I was the politest Zombee they had ever seen! Go me!)

All too soon, the crawl ended and the horde disbanded. Some of us went to Double Daughters. Most went elsewhere.

Here we are at DD, just hanging out and posing for pix.




TCD and yours truly after the Zombie Crawl.

Dan, THANKS so much for the friendship and the makeup and being my Zombie wingman. I am DEFINITELY in for next year.

Do As I Say

...only if ya wanna have fun!

First off, what with my laptop having severe computery issues, I missed a very important happening I had wanted to blog about. You can empathize, I'm sure.

Good to know that 'Bloggers Helping Bloggers' is alive and well here in Denver since the always funny and incredibly cute Howard blogged about Cameron's new calling and did such a great job of it that there is nothing more I can really add.

Actually, there is. I lied. (But not on purpose).

You see, I don't like wine. I mean I like it, but I don't like what it does to me. Massive migraines ensue after one glass. Have been told sulfites are to blame. Let's just say asking me if I want a glass of wine is equivalent to asking me if I'd like to be tortured...or listen to C&W and the same.

But the cool thing about D'Vine is you can make your own. Experiment. Try a little of this..a little of that. Find out what works for you. Now THAT is what I need. Someone to take my hand and try not to make wine so scary for me. Also?? The coziness factor of D'Vine is off the charts. Seriously. When I visited over the weekend there was this cool window-seat area where I could just imagine a whole bunch of us Denver Bloggers (Ahem HDW and Rosie and Heather and everyone else!) just hangin and sippin and kickin back.

So off you go to D'Vine. You will love it! I promise. And I would love going with you so call me,k? AND AND AND?? Open on Sunday. Can life get any better??

Well guess what, yes it can! Wanna know why??

This Saturday is your big chance to be a Zombie. Much better than playing one at home. I'll be there. TCD will be there. Funner than fun for everyone. So go.

This Friday and Saturday are supposed to be gorgeous. How it could get much gorgeouser than it was today is beyond me, but that's what the Post says. So get out there and enjoy it! And take pix. And blog about it.

Remember, do as I say, ok??

Tonite & Wednesday

In case watching Rockies playoffs games doesn't float your boat, hurry on over to Jazz @ Jack's tonite to see Monkey's Uncle doing what they do best. That would be making you laugh. Totally different from how the Rockies would make you laugh.

Need more laughter in your life? Who doesn't. Wednesday you can hit up Rodents of Unusual Size (with opening act MQC & their rendition of 'Dueling Putos'!) as they do what they do best. That would also be making you laugh.

Two chances to laugh in one week. Neither involve baseball or stratospherically expensive scalped tickets. Can life get any better?

What Do You Get?

...when you combine music, laughter and Mac & Cheese?

That's easy!

You get this Wednesday night at the 17th Avenue Theatre at 7pm where MCQ+ROUS+50=M&C.

Huh? Ok, let me explain.

That darling yet dashing duo called the Mathematically Challenged Quartet opens at 7:10.

Give 'em a listen.


Then, the Rodents Of Unusual Size will take the stage where they will do all sorts of funny and silly improv and make you laugh your ass off. They're hilarious, endearing and addictive. Not necessarily in that order. Check out Heather and Emily as Earline and her sister.

Earline Sings!

The coolest thing about this Wednesday's show??

When the Rodents have 50 people in attendance at the start of the show, we all get Mac & Cheese at intermission. Also known as half-time for you Bronco's fans. And this won't be just any Mac & Cheese. Oh no. Not quite.

This will be Steubens Mac & Cheese. Yummiest M&C I've had to date in Denver.

So, let's recap.

Take a couple of hours out of your life to laugh your butt off (laughter is great for extending your life, btw) and eat some of Denver's finest M&C.

All for $10 which includes a free drink.

You can't go wrong. Unless you don't show. Cause that would be very wrong.

See ya there!

Dust Off Your Funny Bone

Then bring it with you tomorrow night, Wednesday 18 July to see ROUS where they will make you laugh so hard you'll pee your pants. So maybe bring a change of clothes with your funny bone.

Get ready to do it again on Monday, 23 July as Argyle Rules at the Denver Pavillions. They'll make you laugh really hard as well.

Hey, both places have A/C. Now you have no reason not to go!

Denver Pride Day

Happy Denver Pride Fest Sunday.

Off to join Jared and Co for the Pride Parade.


Pride was a BLAST!

Jared brought Bubble Guns and Super Soakers for us to use and Skittles to hand out along the parade route! Cheesman Park was a riot of color and high energy as we prepared to step off. Today was a far cry from all the parades I was in for high school (band geek alert) as we stood around shivering at night with our instruments weighing us down (aka my bass drum). No, parades need to be on bright sunny days that start in beautiful parks.



The parade took us down Colfax and past the Capitol Building. The crowds were incredibly receptive to our group and shouted their support block after block. Saw only 5 or 6 signs protesting all things gay. Those signholders did not appreciate it when I shouted ' God Made Gays'. One protester shouted back 'You and your types are disgusting!' Do you think he meant bloggers? Or straight hetero chicks?




The parade went by really quickly. Jared thanked all of us profusely as we posed for our 'group pix'. And then it was over.

This was my first Pride Parade and definitely won't be my last.


ps- Bubble guns ROCK! If you have an upcoming birthday, guess what you're getting?

Liveblogging ROUS

Rodents Of Unusual Size.

If they would get their butts out's 7:35. C'mon already!!


Sitting here with Matt2 of Monkey's Uncle.

Uh oh. Lights went down. I can't type in the dark!

Music game. I sit. Everyone else stands. You can't blog while standing.

This is calesthenics. Damn!

The ROUS sing a song

Da-do-run run

Steve (Rodent) flunks out.

Christa out.

Why is the stage covered with mousetraps.

Scene on mousetraps. With blindfolds!

Heather goes first!

Not sure which is funnier..the skit or the mousetraps???

Heather (blindfolded) helps a pregnant Deletta (blindfolded) to the hospital?

Heather says a bad word as she takes off her mask.


New skit -

What are you doing??

Start with A and and work your way thru the alphabet!

(this stuff is really funny but it doesn't quite translate via liveblogging. yeah, since when has that stopped me??)

Heather is ovulating over and over again.

Howard is running the lights and providing mirthful commentary!

Only speak in song lyrics!

Jeff and Deletta!

New Skit - Just Like Dad

I'm A Barbie Girl - Jeff plays with dolls. Barbie dolls.

New Skit...

People invited to a party thrown by Deletta

(Emily)Cleopatra that loves snakes

(Steve) Cabbage Girl that smells

(Heather)Pippi Longsticking with a buzz cut

Howard guest stars as a that's a stretch!

Next skit -

Dye My Bitch - Making over Paris Hiltons Silver Back Gorilla

Steve is Chancey...Designs the the look for the Gorilla

Heather is some French name she said really fast

Emily is an Intergalactic Bounty Hunter


After intermission

Heather is dressed up as the gorilla

Pretty funny. She humps extremely well!

Random line freeze.

Again, pretty funny. You have to be here to see it.

So why AREN'T you???

Steve is Seth...sings (made up song) a River Runs Thru It

Next skit -Fantasy Island

Troop has to make up songs from dialogue from their skit.

Heather is Miss Elaine - geetarist

Sweet Dreams! She brings the house down!

(ask Heather what will cause sweet dreams!)

Deletta and Emily talk about their 'kids'.

Throes of Passion - new games!

What famous people say in the throes of passion.

Steve grosses everyone out with his Freddie Kreuger imitation.

Jeff is Mortimer- English Rocker

Damn..Jeff knows how to play guitar! Cool wa-wa pedal!

(Update - Thursday morning)

I realize that improv doesn't exactly transfer 100% over to the written word. That's cool. At least you can have an idea of what you missed. It WAS hilarious and and a great time was had by all. Check out my sidebar for the Rodent's schedule of upcoming shows.

Laugh So Hard It Hurts

Laughter = good.

Laughing so hard you shoot milk, Coke, Beer thru your nose = better.

Laughing along to live comedy improv with people you know and love = priceless.

And lucky you, you get TWO chances this next week to laugh your butts off here in our own Denver backyards.

This Monday, 18 June check out Monkey's Uncle led by none other than Howard and his comedic cohorts. 7:30 at Jazz@ Jacks...don't be late!

Tuesday can be your "recover from excess laughter day".

Wednesday, 20 June head over to catch Rodents of Unusual Size. Show starts at 7:30 at the Avenue Theatre on 17th Street. Our own blogger buddies Heather and Jeff C can be found performing with the Rodents when they're not blogging.

And what is it with all these animal names?

So be good to yourself and schedule some time to laugh in your hectic week. Besides, it's better to be laughing at them than to have them laughing at you!