STILL Ringing...

This time last night I was sitting in the front row at the Gothic, sipping my Red Bull & Vodka and listening to the pre-show mix tape...which was pretty good.

The Gothic was deserted...I was the 3rd one thru the door. Eventually it held a semi-respectable crowd, but nothing close to capacity.

The BloodArm , an LA-based band, opened for Charlatans UK .

Lead singer Nathanial was pretty goofy/funny/out-there! He definitely made use of the open spaces where fans would normally stand and meandered in and out of the crowd at the close of the show. A high-energy band, their music was fun, peppy and I liked them enough to buy two of their CD's.

By the time Charlatans took the stage, I was front and center.



They opened with new stuff, played some, Tim is singing 'The Only One I Know', my all time fave CUK song from 'Something Friendly'. My buddy Howard got me stuck on CUK and this song in particular, so OF COURSE I had to call him during the song. 1:15 in the morning his time but what did that matter? It was the thought that counted! (Who loves ya, buddy??)

Some of my newer faves off the recent release 'Simpatico' were : 'Road to Paradise' <freakin' LOVE that song>, 'For Your Entertainment', 'Muddy Ground', 'When The Lights Go Out In London'...really , give it a listen. Don't think you'll be dissapointed.

Got home right before 1 am and had to #1-shower (people still smoke even tho no smoking signs were all over the place...WTF??!) #2- check out the Blood Arm website #3- check out the CUK website #4-play the CD one more time #5 fall asleep listening to hail on the patio and 'Road to Paradise'.

Finally, it's 8:40 Tuesday night and my ears are still ringing!

Ch-ch-check It Out

There will be no blogging tonite. Why??? The Beastie Boys are in town and I have FREE tickets!

Am up early to prepare...gotta get the cooler ready, throw in ice, Amstel Lights, Jager, shot glasses, some Cokes and make a run during lunch to get Gentleman Jack samples...for the Coke! Leaving straight from work to pick up a friend and then we're off!

Have never been to one of their concerts but have come to like their music over the last couple of months! From the looks of their set list from the Voodoo Fest show in New Orleans, should be a killer time!

My Ears Are Still Ringing...

Warped Tour 2004.....

Hot. Steamy. Crowded. Organized Chaos. Music and then some. Vendors with the obligatory tip jars. Energy. Passion. Rain, rain and more rain. Thunder and lightning and even more rain. Mud pits. Bathrooms filthy beyond belief. Politest crowd I've ever experienced. Cell phones everywhere. Cell conversations impossible to hear. Kiss and a hug from All American Rejects lead singer. The smile on Chris's face as he crowd surfed. Gabe's devotion for SOTY.

Wonder when my ears will stop ringing??