This was a weekend I had been looking forward to for ages. For several reasons.

#1- Got to hang out with my buddy HDW for a little chickage downtime.

#2- Said downtime was to be held here.

#3- The here was free since I won it in a work-sponsored contest.

#4- My company also threw in $100 spending $.

SWEET! On all counts.

What an aweome get away..truly!

Of course the company was superb and we got to catch up on the drive over to Vail...which was not all twisty and turny and mountainy as I feared it would be. I am a chicken (bwak!) when it comes to twisty and turny mountain roads.

There was a brief moment of consternation and concern when we passed a blinking traffic sign that said the road to our resort was CLOSED effective 4 Sept. Eek, were we gonna have to sleep in the car? We laughed...nervously...and soon found out the sign did not apply to the road that led to the Ritz-Carlton. Whew!

Minutes later we pulled in and were greeted by super hot, super cute bellmen in cowboy hats and secret service earpieces. Cowboy hats and earpieces...very bizarre and surreal. But hey they were cute so what the hell?

One of the mentioned to HDW that her car was smoking...and so it was...which did not make for a good beginning of the trip. More on that later.

Our room wasn't quite ready, so the Desk Mgr apologized profusely and offered to seat us in the bar and comp us drinks and appetizers. So we sat..for a good couple of hours...ate and drank and looked at the killer view and just relaxed.

See? Doesn't HDW look relaxed??


After awhile and several drinks, we made it up to our room where tragedy struck. Yes, the beds were so fluffy and comfy and luxurious that they sucked HDW into their grip. I have proof!!


Luckily, I was able to pry her from their comfy grip by waving this in front of did the trick!


Soon it was time to mix up this...


...which we enjoyed on the balcony overlooking here...


...and here...


It was really quite nice! Sipping our drinks while watching dusk approach, the smell of the woodpit fire below us and listening to the music wafting up from the pool area. Then it got super cold so we said hell with it and went inside to get warm.

Had a great dinner...with drinks...then headed back to chat more and plot to overtake the world. Or at least think about it.

As nice as the hotel was, it was not soundproofed. Every comment made in the halls was audible. And at one point (while HDW was asleep) I was tempted to tell the couple out in the hall to just pick a room and get it over with (He wanted her to come into his room and she kept refusing! Kids these days!!)

Eventually the guests quieted down and I conked out. The gazillion down pillows and down comforter and down everything else helped!

This morning HDW tried to find a place that was open on Sunday that could help us with an oil change. None was to be found (Hello? Business opportunity waiting to happen!) so we set off with eyes peeled for a gas station or somewhere similiar where we could get oil.

HDW spotted a place before we hit I-70 and within 15 minutes we were back on the road feeling lots better about her car and our ability to make it back to D-town safe and sound.

Before we knew it, we were back and the trip was over.

While it was a short getaway and definitely not long enough, it was nice while it lasted.

Sometimes just a little break is all you need to get back to a better place in your life.

Thanks HDW for being my escape buddy. I had a blast!

Note To Self

...just because it is bright and sunny outside, do not assume that your cheap cotton Jack Daniels lounge pants from Target will protect you from windy and cold CO weather on your morning walk. It's not happening. So I walked faster thinking I wouldn't be as cold. Again, not happening.

There were, however, no mosquitos to bother me and humidity is so a thing of the past here.

Heading out to REI to snag workout wear.



Arrived safely in CO. Kel and Di picked me was SO NICE to have cool weather once more! 29 degrees and I didn't even wear my fleece jacket...was that thankful NOT to be sweltering.

Beyond fantastic to see both of had been too long. They drove out from CA to spend the weekend with me so we could celebrate our joint birthdays...Kelly's was 2 November, Diane's was 27 November and mine is this Tuesday. I am the oldest by 11 might want to remember that little tidbit of info!

As soon as we sped away from the airport, they called our parents to check in and let them know I'd landed safely. Briefly talked to my Dad...told him the weather was awesome! Can you tell I have a one-track mind?

As we were checking into the hotel, Kelly's cell rang. She said it was Dad and he needed to tell me something. I was in the middle of check-in so asked Kelly to have him wait a sec...but she just shoved the phone towards me so I (exasperatedly) started to chat. My Dad asked why I wasn't wearing fleece. And what was that on top of my head?


I looked at Kelly. I looked at Diane. Looked out the front of the hotel. Looked at my sisters once more. Then to my left, in the darkened dining room, I saw a lighted cell phone. And my Dad. And Mom.


Next thing I knew, I was hugging them both and couldn't stop crying. Just couldn't stop.

So there I was, crying and speechless.  Wow!! Those stinkers had been planning this surprise since September!!

They flew in to surprise me for my birthday.

Can you believe it?

So I recovered and started talking...yeah, you know the speechless part wouldn't last. Had a great dinner at OUTBACK, non-stop laughing the whole time, then Dad and Mom went back to their hotel room and we got back to ours, after making a booze stop at King Soopers where I GOT CARDED. I love CO! Have been carded on each visit.

Now it's after midnite, Kel and Di have crashed, and I'm sitting here blogging and marveling at how very lucky I am to have such an awesome family that loves me as much as they do.

Speechless really does say it best.

Almost Over...

...the vacation, that is.

Got back about an hour ago to find out that our internet is being fickle. So here I sit at Panera, grabbing an early dinner while I check my email.

TOTALLY LOVED my week in of the BEST vacations I've ever had. I really fell hook, line and sinker in love with CO. Now I know what my friends that have lived there then move away mean when they say they would go back in a heartbeat. I know I would. Heartbeat.

Tomorrow is back to work. Yay. NOT!

Closing thought. Yesterday in CO it was 97 degrees and 8% humidity. Delray Beach is currently 94 degrees and 85% humidity.

Hmmmmm....would someone please remind me why I live here??

Heaven Is...

* Colorado
* No Humidty
* Good Hair Days
* Hanging out and spending the day with one of my bestest buddies in the world
* Sleeping with the window open  every night
* No mosquitos or their constant biting
* Spending time with my parents who drove out to meet me this weekend
* And believe it or not, GETTING CARDED! Yep! Too funny, huh??