Wednesday Night In Denver

This sounds really interesting.

Here's the 411 :

WHAT: Townhall Meeting on Real ID Act


WHO: Moderated by David Sirota, featuring representatives from the Independence Institute, the Cato Institute and the national security industry

WHERE: Colorado History Museum, 1300 Broadway, Denver CO

WHEN: 10/3 from 6pm-8pm

RSVP: Email or call 303-777-5482 x100

And KOBW? I'll say hi to GOD for you.

Meet Angela

Yet another interesting Drinking Liberally evening. You can't go wrong by starting the night with an ice cold Stella and Deep Dish pizza.

This evening's guest was Angela Engel, who is running for the State Representative seat for HD 37 (Centennial).

Wasn't prepared for the dynamo that is Angela Engel. Determined, feisty and confident, Angela is focusing on :

* Healthcare

* Education

* Economic Development

Why is Angela running? She felt she had no other choice.  Upon discovering there was no Democratic candidate that wanted to run, Angela tried to find potential candidates. When that didn't work, she decided to take up the challenge. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

And that's not the first time that Angela's stepped up to the plate. Quoting from her website :

"Angela’s service to children began in 1991 with her founding of University Kids Club, a mentoring and tutoring program for at-risk youth in Denver Public Schools. As an educator, Angela taught in Douglas County Schools and served as high school instructor and Academic Director for the “Denver Street Schools” – a privately funded, alternative high school providing a “last chance” education to inner city students. In addition, she created and implemented staff development trainings for 45 National Street Schools".

Angela was also the citizen lobbyist for HD 1289, known as the 'Parent's Choice' bill.

As a 4th generation Colorado resident, Angela has seen Centennial blossom as a city and has concrete ideas on how to improve the lives of those in her district as well as in the state of Colorado.

Check out her link on the left...donate some cash...donate some time.

If you're fed up with status quo, you need to get on board with Angela.

One Last Plea

Back on 6/29 I posted a plea to vote for Bill Winter in the Mark Warner Mapchangers quest. Bill won that round and I thank all of you who voted for him.

Now Bill is in the final round and mere hours away from the deadline. He desparately needs any and all votes he can get. You DO NOT have to be a registered voter, you do not have to live in CO, you don't have to be a Democrat. What you do have to do is go to the Mapchangers link in my post below and VOTE.

Saw Bill speak at a House Party the other night. He is exactly what CD-6 and CO need. A man with courage and integrity. A man who agrees with Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. A man who has and will continue to work to do the right thing and to get the job done.

Please pass this post along to anyone that can help Bill win this race.

It's that important.

Thanks so much,

Kath :-)

(here is a reprint of my post from 6/29)

Met Bill Winter-CO-06  at last night's DL Meeting.

Was very impressed by what Bill had to say. It's refreshing that the local Colorado candidates I've met so far have been so approachable.

Bill is in the running for campaign funding and today is the last day for him to qualify.

PLEASE. go Forward Together   and vote for Bill.

Anyone in any state can do so.

Thanks for your help!