The Kids Aren't All Right

Every now and then I blog over at the Blog for CO Progressives & Liberals. Not a big-time blogger and I definitely read more than I blog or comment.

But this. Well, this article just got me all riled up. I mean WHAT. THE. FUCK.??

Our current occupant of the White House is all for Pro-Life, anti-Abortion. Until the kids are actually here. Then he witholds health care from them. Nice. Maybe Pro-Life in the truest sense but definitely not Pro-QUALITY-of-Life'.

Here are two links quoted in the above diary. Just in case they don't link.

Salazar's Response to Bush

Explains the difference between public and private coverage.

Visit Alaska Now...

...before it's too late.

Yesterday's vote on ANWR disgusts me. Bush urged the Senate to vote 'for drilling', citing independance from Middle-Eastern oil. What a crock.

Bush has squandered four years in which he COULD have been making inroads on alternative energy solutions. He could have been promoting tax cuts for emerging technologies that focus on alternative energy. He could have followed the lead of Jimmy Carter who made Daylight Savings time mandatory for two years, which resulted in more daylight hours and saved fuel. Bush could have made utilization of solar power a priority in states like FL and CA who have more than their share of sunlight. Bush could have taken so many forward-thinking, pro-active steps to reduce our dependance on foreign oil.

But he didn't. And he won't. We have proof.

Clear Skies...that aren't.  No Child Left Behind...yeah, right. War in Iraq Don't even get me started.

So while there are still polar bears and penguins and all sorts of winter beauty in AK, you might want to think about visiting soon.

Before it's too late.