Another Year...

Another set of resolutions.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that each year I make birthday resolutions. (Thanks for reading, btw!)  For those of you new to my blog...guess what?? I make birthday resolutions each year.

Now that we're all caught up...

Here's what I wrote last year.

More and more, it seems that the secret to having any semblance of a good least a life in for me to listen to my gut feelings.  It's a lesson I've learned time and time again...when I listen, good things happen. When I don't, not so good things happen.  Pretty simple, right?

I've also had plenty of practice knowing what is a REAL gut feeling...and what is the feeling that I want to be a gut feeling, but isn't. And won't. And never will be. It's tough at times.  But ultimately, if I really put my best interest at the forefront, I manage to do what's right for me.

This year I ventured out of my shell a little more than normal. Now you may wonder 'what's that all about'?  Kath's usually pretty much outgoing and up for a great adventure. That would be partly true. Lots of times I am. But an equal amount of time I want to stay in, vege, think, dream and disconnect. The problem is, if I do too much of that I start to sink into hermitudiness (made up word),  which isn't a good place for me to be.

This year saw me getting more involved in Ignite Boulder, in Tweetups, in meeting people IRL that I only knew on Twitter or Facebook. Getting more involved in work-related areas. I took more risks, both professionally and personally. I disagreed more. I listened more. I tried to live genuinely each day....more in the moment...more aware. I said WTF more. Laughed a hell of a lot more. Tried to see other's perspectives way more than before.  I said yes when I needed to and wasn't afraid to say no, even tho that is never easy for me to say.

I took another huge risk and decided to get a roommate. Then shortly after getting a roommate, decided to attempt selling my house during a time when not a lot of homes were selling. My gut told me to go for it, so even tho it was scary (holy shit, was it scary!!) and wound up being expensive at times, I did it. After 7 attempts at closing the sale, it took the 8th time. Living close to work is my reward, which I am loving on a daily basis.

Probably the hardest part of the year was asking for and being open to receiving help. Not just once or twice but many times. Learned lots of lessons and have a whole new outlook on the art of giving and receiving.

Although I've always been fairly confident in myself and my abilities, this year I came into a new level of self-confidence. I know I will land on my feet, no matter what happens. I know my housing situations will work themselves out and I will find what I need to have and have to need. I've developed an amazing group of friends that have my total trust, respect and a tons of love. I have a job I truly adore & co-workers that amaze & impress me every day. And while I'm no where near perfect, I am perfectly Kath.

And I'm fine with that. More than fine.

Still?  This post is about resolutions.

So for the next 365 days, I have 3 resolutions. Wanna hear them?  Looks like you have no choice.

They are :

#1-To make my physical/mental/emotional health a priority 

#2-To be in my next house by my next birthday

#3-Keep listening...always keep listening

Thanks for reading, thanks for caring, thanks for being my friend.  I can't wait to see what this next year holds.

Kath xo :-)

Happy Birthday Larkin!

It's incredibly difficult to write anything of substance concerning my friend Larkin and not have it sound like I'm part of a huge Larkin fan club...even tho I sorta kinda am a huge fan of him.

Once you meet Larkin, you never forget him. And the more you get to know him, the more you want to know him.

For starters?

Larkin's funny! Outgoing. Helpful. Bon Vivant-ish. Loyal. Introspective. Warm. Kind. Make that very very kind. Authentic. 

I could go on and on but really, all you need to do is read his blog, see him in action, check out his pix...and you'll see what I mean.

Boulder is definitely a better place for having Larkin as a neighbor.  And I'm definitely a better person for having Larkin as a friend. Most definitely.

So happiest of birthdays, Larkin.   If I had to sum up my birthday wishes for you into one quote, it'd be "May life love you as much as you love life".  Cause no one loves life as much as you do!


Kath :-)

Happy Birthday Jillian!

My uber-cute, uber-smart and very lawyerly-wanna-be buddy Jillibean is celebrating her birthday today.

First birthday in Louisiana. First birthday at LSU Law School. I'll be celebrating for her later on tonite. She specifically requested a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae be consumed in her honor. Happy to oblige, sweetie. (And boy am I glad you are not into steamed lima beans!).

So all of you...head on over to her blog and give her some BD love. Then go out and eat a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae. You know you want one!

Happy Birthday honey!

Love you,

Kath xo :-)

Happy Birthday Mark~

It's my buddy Mark's birthday!

He's been my best guy friend from my Sophmore year on (Freshman year he hated my guts cause I had the audacity to want to be a drummer and they just didn't want any geeky girl drummers) and has been the epitome of a great friend.

He always had my back, no matter what. Told all of his girlfriends that I was his buddy and if they had a problem with it, then it was their problem and they needed to get over it.

Almost every Saturday I'd help him wash his van or his car or whatever particular vehicle he had at the time. From Mark I learned that if you are going to do something, do it right the first time. Keep your stuff spotless. Never eat in the car if at all possible (I still think about that to this day!). And most of all, if you make a promise to a buddy, you keep it. He always did for me. And I like to do the same for my buddies to this day.

Mark drove me down to San Diego State when I started college. Helped me move in. Going to college was a battle at the time cause my parents really didn't think I should go...why? I was Catholic and what more did I need than to find a guy and get married and have kids? (They changed their minds over the years). Mark stood behind me and supported me in my goals..paying for college on my own, getting good grades and telling me to stay away from my druggie ex-boyfriend Nile. That one was hard, but I felt that Mark had good judgement and was always right, so I listened to him. Nile was history.

It's really cool that after all these years, we're still buddies..we still talk...and he cracks me up like no one else can do.

Happy Birthday're the best friend a chick could ever hope for!

Happy Blogiversary To Me

Yes boys and girls and aliens far and wide, A Likely Story! is two years old today,


What started as a mostly political blog has evolved into a little bit of everything blog. After the debacle of the 2004 elections, I sorta cooled my jets on politics. Branching out into other topics has been a blessing.

When I started my blog, I lived in my house in Boca Raton, FL. Went from having dial-up and  being on the internet maybe 10 hours a week to now....faster faster faster internet,  being online waaaay too much and living in Denver.  What a change two years can bring.

For those that have been here from day one, I love you. Really and truly. For those more recent readers, I really really really like you and let's take it from here and see how it goes.

For all of you, today, Thursday 23 March is Cake and Ice Cream Day and I am so buying. Then we'll wash it down with Red Bull and Vodka, and go party our asses off. And if not today, then sometime in the really near future.

Yeah, I know.

A likely story!

Turning 21 On Sunday...

Happy 21st to Chris.

You've done more in your first 21 years than most people do in a lifetime...and you've had a blast along the way.

Can't begin to fathom the level of celebration going on in NOLA as the clock approaches midnite. Have a great time and I look forward to the day when we can (legally!) go bar-hopping.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

ps- your present is on the way :-)

Who's The Birthday Boy??

Why, that would be Todd.

Todd would like boobs...and kick-ass brownie recipes..for his bday gifts. If you are male, recipes only, please. If you're female, go for the boobs with a brownie recipe chaser.

And what am I giving Todd? Blogwishes and best wishes...and next time I'm in Vegas, drinks are on me. (maybe I'll bring Jillian and the Scotts along to liven things up a bit.)

Have a good one, Todd :-)

Happy Birthday Jillian :-)

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dearest Jillian
Happy Blogger Buddy Birthday To You!

Don't think of today as yet another 'Elvis Died This Day A Jillion Years Ago". Instead, think of this as 'Jillian's Birthday".

And in her honor, everyone should do the following -

#1- Stay drunk all night
#2- Sing Karaoke until they pass out
#3- Have a martini, shot or a beer to honor the woman you WANT to spend a hurricane with!

Have a great day, pearl-wearin' Birthday Girl :-)

xo :-) Your Boca Buddy