Bookworm Update

Prior to my surgery I had a whole stack of books I wanted to plow thru. Figured I'd be able to do that post-surgery.

Yeah. Not so much.

Either I would fall asleep every time I started to read or else I couldn't keep focused. Read a page, drift off, read another page.


Those days are gone. Finished Eat, Pray, Love then dove right into Bloodsucking Fiends. Finished it before I even got to link to it under my reading sidebar! 6 hours from start to finish. The book just 'sucked me in'! Haha! Thanks Jeff for the loaning me the book!

Next up, going to finish A Long Way Down, one of the books I started post-surgery and couldn't focus on, like everything else I read from 3-15 July.

Wanna see what my reading lists are? Hit me up for a Goodreads referral.

OK, now it's time for lunch then some music.

New To The Neighborhood

Have heard a ton of good stuff about this book and whatdya know, they have a blog as well!

In my 'is it a want or a need' mode, I have the book on hold at the library. But I just might break down and get it.

Anyway, the blog is pretty cool and one of the authors Steven Levitt was on the Colbert Report last week...a mark of coolness in and of itself.

If you've read the book, talk to me. I'm all ears.