Presents From The Blogosphere

Back when I started my blog in March 2004 I was new to the concept of blogs and what they entailed.

Initially, my scope was political commentary (I'd just discovered Daily Kos) but after 2 days and maybe 3 posts, I realized I needed to stick to what I knew...which wasn't political commentary.

So I blogged about foster puppies and Howard Dean and Jim Stork and Betty Castor and the three campaigns I volunteered for. And foster puppies.

During a Stork Staffer party that I hosted at my house, I met several out-of-state volunteers that traveled to FL to help with the campaign. As one of them helped me un-stick my garbage disposal, I asked how he'd heard of our campaign. Turns out he'd read a post on Daily Kos talking about the Stork campaign and it inspired him to up and leave his home state of CA and travel to FL. He also said he was looking forward to meeting the blogger that wrote the post cause he wanted to shake their hand. 

I looked at him and told him that he'd already shook my hand when he arrived. Yeah, I wrote the post that brought this guy from CA to FL and now he was unsticking my garbage disposal for me.

The blogosphere is like that. Bringing the randomest awesomest bestest peple into your life.

Fast forward to 2006 and being new to CO. Not knowing a soul. And meeting most of the people that would become my friends through their blogs.

People like Tom

I met Tom via his blog through a friend of a friend's blog. One click of a link and just like that, you have a new someone in your life!

So I started following Tom and he started following back. I got to know Tom and his partner Dale through Tom's blog and one day, after reading a random tweet of mine, Tom and Dale showed up at work with piping hot Mrs. Field's cookies for me. And a hug to go with the cookies. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was our first In-Real-Life (IRL) meeting!

Through the years Tom and Dale have been part of my online life and my IRL life. They graciously hosted me when my truck broke down and I had no way to get back and forth to work. Tom 'informed' me that I was staying with them, case closed. 

Tom and Dale took turns taking me to work, picking me up from work, feeding me, hugging me, being there for me, and just being awesome. They refused to accept payment for anything and were the most gracious and welcoming hosts a person could ask for.

Over the years I've been honored to be a part of their lives and their struggles and their celebrations. So it's with a large degree of sadness that I'll be saying 'goodbye for now' to Tom and Dale in the next several weeks.

They're moving to MA for Tom's work and in the process will ( I am positive ) make MA the new 'coolest place on earth'....cause they'll be there.

While Tom is on Facebook and Twitter in addition to his blog, since I met Tom thru his blog that is what I'll be looking to every day for updates on their new lives in MA.

Tom is one of the sweetest, kindest, most incredible people you can ever hope to meet - Dale is the same way - and I'm so incredibly grateful that I clicked that link over 6 years ago.

Thanks Blogosphere. And thanks Tom and Dale. I can't imagine a life without you and thanks to the internet and Tom's blog, I won't have to.


Indie Musicians - Bryan Hurst

Amazing storyteller with a kick-ass voice.

Or at least that’s what I think after having listened to Bryan’s latest release 'Beloved Infidel’ as well as ‘Waiting For Favors’, his first CD.

Bryan’s a blogger with a passionate voice for what’s right and what’s not...and that passion extends to his music as well. He reminds me of Dylan, Tom Petty (except not as twangy), Bruce Springsteen and a tad of John Mellencamp all rolled into one.

Having read Bryan’s blog as well as his comments on other blogs over the last 2 months, I knew his CD was about to debut. And I was my usual impatient self, manically checking his website as well as CD Baby at least 10 times a day...minimum! My obsessive-compulsive attempts paid off as I have not been able to get his music out of my’s that good.

‘Spanish House’, ‘Deadbeat Town’, ‘Y Can’t UB Serious’, ‘Memory Hole’...there’re all stuck in my brain and I couldn’t be happier!

Check Bryan out for yourself...your ears will thank you!

Indie Musicians - Scott Andrew

One of the many things I love about the internet is you'll never know what you'll find around the bend.

Case in point Scott Andrew.

Found Scott's site thru Derek Powazek's photoblog site...I've linked to Derek (and his wife Heather) on my sidebar.

Anyway, was still going thru my post-election funk-meltdown-depression...whatever you want to call it...and was looking for some music to cheer me up. Went to Scott's site and downloaded several of his songs...really liked what I heard...and today I got his CD 'Where I've Been' in the mail. A musician AND a blogger...ya gotta love that combination!

According to my iTunes description, Scott is classified as 'folk'. Not sure I'd describe his music as folk...more like really really good rock that's well-written and firmly wedges itself inside your brain....much like 'Cast The Net Wide' has done.

I have a special place in my heart for Indie Musicians. My nephew Tom has a San Diego-based band that's definitely a labor of love. My buddy Mike is in his 3rd band in the 6 years I've known him. It takes guts to write and produce music that you love and comes from the heart...also takes guts to follow your dream of sharing your music with everyone else, full well knowing you may not ever make it big and that's ok, as long as you can make the music you want it makes life worth living.

So support Scott, support the other Indie Musicians you know and love, and stay tuned for more suggestions in the coming weeks.