Rev It Up

This here blog is roaring back to life!

Life and everything it brings with it is one of the of the main reasons...I have not been posting that much as of late.   Just too much to see/do/go/be.

But after tonight, I would be remiss in not blogging about the good time I had with my buddy Rosalicious & her fiance Kevin...Kev to those who know him!

Started out at a Tweetup - yeah, that would be a gathering of people who Twitter - at the Great Divide in Denver. Great Divide is an amazing brewery that I've been to several times. Good beer, good people, and one of the many really cool places that makes Denver so awesome. 

Had mentioned the Tweetup to Rosie earlier in the day and what do you know? She and Kev swung by to check it out.

Introduced them to several Twitter pals of mine, we schmoozed, we drank, then Great Divide closed and we headed out to one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Denver. I just <3 this place!

Rosie was one of the first Denver bloggers I met IRL (in real life) and we became good friends from that point on. She (and Kev) are just so easy to hang with.  They're fun, gregarious, interesting, educated and just the best friends you could ask for. Their lovely home is as cozy and as welcoming as they are. 

Several times during our late night dinner (try the Chicken Pot Pie the next time you visit Steuben's- it's that amazing!!) I was struck my how many wonderful people I've met thru my blog and Twitter and how this thing called 'Social Media' has really helped to define who I have in my life. 

The great majority of people I know here in Denver I've met online. Be it blogs or Facebook or Twitter, meeting online was the common denominator. And I'm thankful I had an open mind (plus guts and courage) to get out there and meet the people that would eventually become some of the closest friends I've ever had in my life.

I'll be posting more on this subject over the weekend, but for now, let me just end by saying I heart Social Media. And Rosie and Kev. And all my online buddies, wherever they may be. 

And internet? I am so totally head over heels in love with you. You know it's true!

Looking Backwards

It was a short song, less than two minutes. The last line always stuck with me for some reason...

Time it was, and what a time it was, it was 
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph 
Preserve your memories; They're all that's left you
(From the Bookends Theme by Simon and Garfunkel)

When all is said and done, what do you leave behind? Other people's memories of you and your life and the impact you had on them. And what you leave behind may determine how you are remembered.

Sure, there will be pictures. And videos. And oral history of who said what and when they said it. And then there will be the blogs. Those longwinded and sometimes boring and maybe repetitive renditions of how a life was spent and what mattered to that person in their life.

Whenever someone asks me why I blog, the answer is pretty simple. Cause I want to record my life in a written format. And I want to see what others have to say. It doesn't have to be a lot of others chiming doesn't have to be anyone I know (altho I have met so many awesome people thru my blog). But it's the best way...for me... to document my life.

Many many people have said they are not fond of the internet or they have nothing to say. My response is that everyone has something to say. Especially if you are a parent. Or a daughter or son or aunt or uncle. There is someone out there...and maybe more than just one someone...that cares what goes on in your life. And that's why I blog. To relate. To share. To leave something behind.

Now I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon...but if I were to vanish...I can bet you that even my relatives who have never or hardly ever (hey Dad!) checked out my blog would somehow find their way to my site.

So on this Monday after Blogher and Netroots Nation, think about giving some love to your blog. Update if you haven't updated in awhile.  It's your chance to leave some memories behind.

Spotlight On...


Decided I would devote the last week of the year to spotlight several blogs I read on a daily basis. Today's pick is Howard.

Howard. Howard. Howard

The man is busier than a one-armed paperhanger.

Besides juggling his :

- Full-time job

- Weekend job

- Improv Group

- Running the soundboard for The Rodents

- Writing music reviews

- Having a social life

- Sleeping every now and then

He also has his own blog.

The perfect marriage of wit and intelligence, caring and calling bullshit when needed, always funny and NEVER boring.

It was difficult to pick just one favorite Howard post since I love so many of them.

This one seems to fit the season. So here you go.

5th Grade Nickname

Spotlight On...


Decided I would devote the last week of the year to spotlight several blogs I read on a daily basis. Today's pick is my buddy HDW.

One of the best writers...and friends...I have been blessed to have in my life. I especially love her 'Love Thursdays' where she talks about her dad and the special bond they shared. If you are not already reading her blog, you should.

Here's one reason why :

Like a postcard of a Golden Retriever


Gwen has an interesting concept of Micro-Marriage that I agree a point.

Given the 50% divorce rate, I think my idea...a year-by-year renewal option...couldn't hurt and might even help. Is happily ever after realistic? Is it healthy? Is it insane?

It works for some parents (going on 54 years) and my brother and his wife (going on 28) years. For others, not so much.

Having been there, done that for the whole marriage thing, not sure I could ever do it again. Maybe a case of once burned, twice shy? Scared beyond belief at having to go thru another divorce in case the next one didn't work out? Maybe a little too cynical overall? Maybe. Possibly. With good reason to be.

One of my best long-time buddies asked me two months ago what I missed most about being married. She being deliriously happy at the 6 year mark with a 4 year old son to show for it! It took me a good 5 weeks to come up with one thing I missed. And that was? That I always have to be the one doing the driving. I actually came up with that reason while I was hanging out with her last month..and she was driving. She pushed me to come up with one more thing that I missed. We brainstormed for over an hour before I decided that it was having someone else to do the cooking.

Yeah, of course it would be nice to have someone pitching in for mortgage and other expenses. Someone else to drag the trash out every Weds morning. Someone that loved to mow the lawn and didn't have a huge freakish fear of heights when it came to changing lightbulbs or burned out smoke alarm batteries. But when push comes to shove, I would rather take care of all those things and then some in exchange for happiness and peaceful surroundings and the huge feeling of contentment I have at the end of each day. Add in freedom and independance as well. Not having to pick up after someone else. Etc, etc, etc.

And maybe when all is said and done, I really don't think I could be any happier than I am now. And if I did take a chance and do it all again? I would hope one of my good friends would try to pound some sense into my head and barring that, I'd want to have a year-to-year clause.

File This Under Things That Break Your Heart

I almost want to put a disclaimer on here asking/warning my readers that are parents to maybe not read this. Guess I just did, huh?

Found Susan's blog about 6 months ago. Read it every now and then to see how she and her family and their son Nathan are doing. Lately and sadly, they are not doing all that well.

For the last several weeks I find myself thinking of them thru out the day and sending good vibes and prayers their way.

Susan has a special blog for Nathan here.

Never in my life will I be able to figure out or rationalize or just plain 'get it' why this has to happen to kids. I wish there was some sort of cosmic rule where nothing bad would ever happen to any kid until they are no longer a kid.

But that is wishing and not real life.

New To The Blogroll

#!- This book will be added to my Goodreads list and oh look! he has a Blog as well!

#2- Expatriette, brainkid of current Boulderite (for now, at least) Gwendolyn Bell.

At various times I've spent 3 weeks in Israel (twice) 4 weeks in Germany and 5 weeks in the Bahamas (twice). Currently reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love" and now Italy is added to the list of places I'd like to spend a good length of time. And Paris. And Greece. Ireland, Scotland, England and Hungary too. So I figured I'd best start reading Expatriette to be prepared!

As You Are Tagged, So Shall You Tag!

Per the kind request of HAYES :

I have to post these rules: one, each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. Two, people who are tagged need to write their own blog entry about their eight things and post these rules. Three, at the end of your entry, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names/pseudonyms/blogs. Four, don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog. Ready? Here goes!

#1 - Whenever I am about to make a huge life-change or decision, I always seem to hear the song 'Solsbury Hill'.

#2- I flunked the first math test I took in 1st grade. I remember Sister Alphonsus screaming at me and telling me I was stupid. She asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied ' a doctor'. She told me to forget it since I was too dumb. So I did. Even tho to this day, my dream is to specialize in pediatric medicine.

#3- Music. Gotta have it in my life. It's a MUST HAVE.

#4 - I'm a realistic optimist.

#5 - Used to be a clutterbug/packrat. Then I changed to an anal-rententive semi-OCD neatnick. Clean-freak too.

#6 - If money wasn't an issue, I would do my job for free. I love it that much.

#7 - After my divorce I decided that nothing else I would encounter for the rest of my life would hurt me as much as that did. I was devastated. So I threw all caution to the wind and now I live life to the fullest with a 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' attitude. It's wonderful. You should try it some time.

#8 - I would like to design a solar-powered multi-story parking structure made of totally clear material for downtown Denver so I could park in a parking garage that didn't make me feel claustrophobic. Cause right now I just can't park in multi-story garages. They freak me out way too much!

For those about to be tagged we salute you :

Heather, Rosie, Her Highness Princess Jami, Anthony, Jeff C (that makes two you owe me!), Gabe, Cuyler, and the Legal Goddess.

TGIF and let 'er rip!

Howard Gets The Shock Of His Life

(Live blogging from The Monkey's UnclePerformance. Any mistakes at transcribing jokes and mangling the punchline is mine and mine alone.)

The Monkey's Uncle is giving Howard the shock of his life. In honor of his recent birthday, Howard is getting a combo wake (for turning 40 - altho he doesn't look a day over 30) and a roast (cause we all love him!)

As a surprise to Howard, his Mom is in the audience. That was pretty shocking! The Monkey's paid for her ticket, picked her up from the airport and showed her Denver for the day, all while keeping it hush-hush from Howard.

Mateo has informed Howard that tonite is HIS birthday roast and they are taking over his show. Howard still in shock mode.

Cute Howard story from his mom. Howard loved trucks as a little tyke. Except he called them 'fucks'. And he LOVED KFC.

And now, friends do a skit of when Howard ran into a tree. With actors and sound effects CD to boot.

It was funny. You had to be here. Trust me.

PTL (Pass The Lox) rabbi that circumcised Howard twice is here!

Plays the game is it 'Howard or Jewish'! Rabbi stuns us with trick questions!

Again, you had to be here.

Mike (former Monkey) takes the mic.

Gets off a couple of good one liners before I can get them typed. He's a speedy one, that Mike!

Now Professor Smartypants takes the stage.

Howard's very first sexual experience was David Hasslehoff, lime jello and all nighters.

If Howard were the lovechild of 2 celebrities, what celebrities would they be? Cher and Pee-Wee Herman.

If Howard were on Quantum Leap, into whom would he leap and how would they change his life? He would leap into Edgar Allen Poe. And he would make the Raven the Stupid Stupid Bird Who Would Not Leave Me Alone.

The funniest mom in America...Stephanie McHugh.

How to prepare breakfast sausage.

She likes to have latex between her and meat. Since bacteria might be on the meat.

Ok, you need to be here to see it. Howard 'greasing' up the skillet! Plopping sausages into the skillet.

(This is not translating well into liveblogging but it is hilarious!)

At this point my battery while not live, here's a quick synposis of the rest of the night.

Skits, laughter, more skits,Shari as Darryl Hannah, Hedgehog Beauty School skit (one of the sharpest skits of the night IMO...Mateo, Mike and Howard giving the signing version), more laughter, more games, a couple more skits, and then congrats for Monkey Matt2 and his lovely fiance Leslie who recently got engaged in Peru.

At the end of the show, Howard thanked everyone for the surprises and the roast. You could tell the evening really meant alot to him and his thank-you was very touching and from the heart.

And now, time for pix!

Howard and His Mom


Mom Taking Pix of Monkey's


The Monkey's Uncle, Live and In Person

(Left to right : Larry, Shari, Howard, Mateo, Matt2 and Tonite's Guest and Former Monkey Mike)