#BDNT...& 5 Ways To Make It Better

#BDNT is the hastag for Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup.

I attended tonite's presentation...my 4th in as many months.

The concept is simple. Quoting from their site 

"5 companies this month take the stage for 10 minutes each, 5 minutes to demo and 5 minutes to answer questions".

Tonite's meeting was packed..as they all are...and some really great companies gave us the rundown on what they're all about.

It was good...don't get me wrong...but here's where I think #BDNT can be better.

#1- Turn on the air conditioning!!  Hello? It's July. The temperature inside the packed-to-the-gills auditorium was hot. Freakishly hot. Sweltering hot. I left without hearing all the companies present because I got so hot I thought I was going to pass out. I wasn't the only one. Look, you have these great companies...don't you want their message to be heard?  And don't you think their message would be better received if the audience was comfortable?  Really, you have to do something for the next meeting before someone passes out from heatstroke.

#2 - The music intro was nice. It was way too loud to faciliate ' hi, nice to meet you' conversation, though.  And hopefully the Michael Jackson was a one time thing.

#3 - General Housekeeping - At past events they've asked who is there for the first time then they advise how to get online. That didn't happen Tuesday night. Too bad. Keep the 'how to log on' info up so more of us can access the internet. Finally, repeat yourself. The door prizes are wonderful and a very nice touch. But when someone wins? Repeat what they said to win. Or have them repeat it. The seats at the back and people near the door miss a lot of what is said.

#4- Could we turn down the lights just a bit?  It would make the screen easier to see and might even make the room a degree or two cooler. Just an idea?

#5 - Consider a larger venue. Maybe Chem 140? #BDNT is a really great event and once announced the seats are snapped up asap. Larger venue = more people can attend?  

Robert, you put so much work into #BDNT and I for one am very grateful. And if I didn't care, I wouldn't speak up. 

If there is anything I can do to help with #BDNT, please feel free to reach out to me.

One of the strengths of Boulder and the Tech Community specifically is their passion for being open to new ideas. Not saying all my ideas are wonderful and MUST be implemented...not saying that at all. But if even one of my suggestions can help to improve on the quality of the #BDNT experience, that would be awesome. 

As always, just my 2 cents.