Be Careful What You Wish For...

...for it just might change the way you view the world.

Back in July I'd reached out to some friends in search of new reading material. I'd asked people to list their top 3 favorite reads and my friend Larkin responded with the suggestion to read Three Cups of Tea

So I bought the book, along with several other books that were suggested by various friends... and then the book sat, collecting dust, until this last weekend when I added it to my backpack to read on my flight to and from California.

Once seated on my Southwest flight I cracked open the book  and quickly became engrossed in a true story of the most inspiring, fascinating and spellbinding 'man with a mission' I'd ever encountered.

Greg Mortenson delivered on a promise to build a school for Pakistani children in the village of Korphe and by doing so, singlehandly went on to enrich the lives of thousands of children - especially girls - throughout Pakistan.

His story is one of passion, hope, immense personal sacrifice and a razor-sharp focus to create a foundation of education.

While reading this book, I was oblivious to noise, turbulance, flight attendants and just about everything else associated with airline travel. I finished the book just minutes ago and couldn't wait to blog about it and beseech you to READ THE BOOK!

It's awesome, amazing and one you won't easily forget.

Thanks Larkin for the 411 on this wondefully delightful book!