Just got home...was a fun night out.

First, Apple Class. Then, lovely pot roast (my fave!) dinner at my buddy T's house. Then Jager Bombs for dessert. Then more Jager Bombs. More.

Meet up with Blogger Buddies at Falling Rock.

More Jager shots. Beer. Several types. Jager. Beer. Beer. Jager. Rinse. Repeat.

Leave Falling Rock to go to a bar near T's. Helping the local economy, yeah baby!

Detour at the Celtic. Jager. Beer. Jager. Beer.

Thank HaShem I was not driving.

Arrive at T's safely after several hilarious convo's with Shmeder.

Crash in the guest room. Basement guest room. Nice, cool, dark.


Time for a nap now that I'm home.

Then WEEN!

I love my weekends!

Ooops, I Did It Again!

Don't know how it happened.

Headed out to swing by Super Target and then grab dinner at Amazing Dave's.

Next thing I know, I'm at Twist and Shout  and I'm looking at a lot of CD's. Then I start picking them up. One by one.

All of a sudden, I'm back in my vehicle. 

Driving home, almost to the street that takes you to Cherry Creek after turning left  (still not 100% on the main streets), before I remember that I was supposed to grab dinner...and supposed to hit Super Target.

Came home instead...figured since I spent (cough cough) close to $90, I had the equivalent of several dinners and a Target spree.

OF COURSE got a new WEEN addition 'White Pepper' and other goodies which I'll post on my LISTENING sidebar.

Another successful trip to T&S!

Really wish they had a frequent buyers club.

Spanish Eddie Would Be Proud

Have totally indoctrinated my buddy Tom into All Things Ween. Helped him download CD's into his new iBook this afternoon...'Quebec' and 'Chicago Live' were among the first CD's he copied...and he's gonna copy the accompanying DVD from 'Chicago Live' into his iPod which has video capacity. Nice, huh?

Another one falls into the Ween trap.

29 July can't come soon enough.

CD Spree...

...or why Twist & Shout loves me.

Definitely met my goal of picking up a couple of Ween CD's at Twist & Shout...and then some.

Check it out for yourself -


In case your eyesight isn't all that good, I got :

Ween- All Request Live

Ween - Quebec

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots

Fray EP- Reason

Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

Cave In - Perfect Pitch

A late day Target run resulted in two more CD's :

Avenge Sevenfold - City  Of Evil

OAR- Stories Of A Stranger

Quick review of the CD's I've listened to since I frantically unwrapped them in my truck and plunged them into my CD player's hungry mouth (ooh...that sounds sorta porno!!)

* Neko Case - James had blogged about her earlier this week, and since he was 100% correctamundo about Ween, figured I had to try Neko. Not to sound all lesbo, but I could drown in her voice. It's hypnotic. Mesmerizing. The perfect CD to listen to while chillin', on a rainy day, on your iPod, fill-in-your-own-blanks. And that''s all I can say right now from listening to it twice.

*OAR - Heard a snippet of their song 'Love and Memories' while at Target and realized I'd been wondering who sang that song for ages. So in my cart it went. Have played 'Love and Memories' and 'Wonderful Day' about 20 times since 5:45 this afternoon.

I want to stay up and listen to and download everything to my iPod NOW, but realistically speaking I still have to make my bed (since tonite is weekly Sunday night laundry and I have a freakishly OCD fetish about going to sleep every Sunday night on sheets still warm from the dryer), need to put away the rest of the stuff I got from Target, need to balance my checkbook (especially after this weekend) and I need to load the dishwasher.

Never made it to King Soopers. Snagged some cereal bars at Target, have enough milk to last for 3 days, $20 on a Chipotle card and leftovers from Famous Dave's tonite, so I'm good on food for the next couple of days. Really, don't even know why I have a stove or an oven. But that's another post.

Hope all of you had a 'ha gadol yoffi' (Hebrew for huge bitchen') weekend...can't believe Monday is already rearing her head.


They're COMING!


Screamed and started googling.

Screamed, started googling and blew off work during work hours.

Why? What? Where? Huh?

Ween is coming to town. Red Rocks, specifically...close enough.  HUGE thanks LSE for posting the wondrous news on his website. The exact nanosecond I read the news on his site, I started googling Ween, Red Rocks, Ween Denver and all other permutations I could think of. They weren't on NIPP either.

Uuuurrrrrgggg...I can't find them. I've heard how quickly they sell out and was in massive freak mode that I had lost out on my chance to finally see them.

Returned to LSE's blog to see he had posted an update...ok...be still my heart...I hadn't missed them. Whew. (Normally I don't freak out that badly...but when it comes to music I like, I make the exception).

So guess what HDW? You're going too. Mark the date...29 July...Sat...Red Rocks...we all need to tailgate. Or at least bring plenty of liquid refreshment as I'm sure we'll be parched...it being July and all. WTF...who am I kidding? It doesn't have to be July for one to be parched...Denver's a thirst-inducing place. Hey Shmeder...you should join us! Goes for the rest of you Denver bloggers as well.

Yay...first Ween concert on the horizon. I'll have plenty of time to buy the rest of their CD's before then.  Thanks LSE..you made my day.

That, and my buddy Tom hooking up my DVD for me.

Bring on the porn and bring on the Ween.

Isn't life good?