Guess We're A Red State After All

When it comes to the flu at least.

Was online, trying to figure out if the illness that has pummelled me all day is a cold or a flu.

According to the Centers for Disease Control I have the flu. Also according to the CDC, many people in CO have the flu as well.

Don't know about them, but I just chugged some Bubblegum Benadryl cause nothing knocks me out like that bubblegummy wonder elixir.

Off for a nice long nap in a few.

Home Sweet Home

Home at last.

Fun weekend. Lots of family time, time with my best buddy since high school, and today a killer home-cooked dinner to beat all home-cooked dinners.

Lots of pix to share but first I need to that my plane has landed safely I can say that...since I have to be up in 6 hours.

Mistakenly left my cell charger at my parents house, so until Jason my FEDEX guy delivers it on Tuesday, landline or email are the best way to reach me.


My 8 Minute Lunch

Shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel.

Salt, salt, salt.

Grab sex-toys from Sex-Toy-Party-Lady who shows up just as I finish shoveling

Inhale lunch in 5 minutes.

3 spare minutes to blog.

Gotta love time management.


Update -

Well well well.

Right after lunch the winds started howling and within an hour there was more snow on the driveway than there was before I spent my lunch hour shoveling it.

Mutha Nature is laughing her ass off at my feeble attempts of snow control.

Fine. Be that way, Bitch.

Screw you.

It's Friday. Time to crack open a beer or five. Gonna do some batch cooking action. Whip up some taco meat and spaghetti meat mixtures. Freeze both. Save some for tacos tonite. Have more beer.


DVD time. Gluten-free cake and ice cream time. Hot bath time.

Not all at the same time, tho.

I love the weekends.

Quasi-Weekend Wrap Up

* Millions of college students must be in mourning.

* HDW is Baaaack! :-)

* Be careful what you think. Just as I was mentally patting myself on the back for having a vehicle with Winter Power Drive, I got stuck. In my own driveway. It was dark, swerved to make more room for my neighbor who was leaving, didn't see the drifts that the wind blew in my driveway while I was out running errands. So half-in, half-out of the driveway and blocking traffic. Shoveled and tried and shoveled and tried for 45 minutes. Triple A said there would be a 2-3 hour wait minimum. Two very kind neighbors that I had never met before came to my rescue. I love CO!! I love neighbors that are kind!

* Lost a pair of black fleecey gloves while I was out with friends Tuesday night. They were so warm and so functional...$9.89 special at Costco. I loved them. So, went back to Costco today and pair left. In small. What are the chances?? Celebrated and splurged with the $1.50 Hot Dog and Drink meal.

* In my earlier post this week about making 911 calls from your cell, I called the Denver PD to ask the proper # or protocol. Turns out you can dial 911 from any cell, but as soon as you connect you need to tell them it is a cell and give them your# right off the bat so they can call back if you get disconnected. At that point, once you've given your cell, you give them the rest of the info.

* Triple A memberships are one of the BEST presents you can ever give. My opinion, of course.

* Finally, I paid off my washer and dryer today! Yay. Let's hear it for paying off debt. (Lowe's had a special 'buy a major appliance and no charges or tax for a year" deal.)

And on that note...


When Life Gives You Lemons

...break out the vodka.

I'm not leaving for CA anytime soon, if at all.

For anyone that's paid the slightest attention to the news over the last 12 hours, Denver has a bit of a snowfall going on. Couple extra flakes here and there. And a blizzard. And other stuff like DIA closed down and 5,000 people stranded at the airport and even the "Not wind nor snow nor rain nor sleet' Post Office has thrown in the towel and said 'hell with this'.

So here we are. Sitting at home. No parents. No siblings, No IN-N-OUT! Yeah, suckage all around.

Then I got to thinking.

Well wait a minute, what good things have come out of this?

Here's a couple "

* Caught up on my sleep by napping twice today

* At least I listened to my gut feeling and mailed my parents gifts ahead of time. The gifts arrived before I did.

* I would probably be wondering non-stop at my parents house how my gazebo was holding up in the wind. And since I'm home, wonder no more. It is falling apart, tho.

* Got to light another Hanukkah candle.

* Got to experiene the beauty that is snowfall in Denver. It really is gorgeous, from where I sit.

About to call it a night.

Tomorrow will rise and shine and attempt to finish some projects I've been meaning to accomplish for quite awhile. Decided I'm going to use it as a vacation day...why not, since I have coverage?

So for all of you Denver people, stay warm, stay dry, stay inside.

For everyone else. be glad you're not in Denver!

This Just In Update

Last year I flew into Denver to buy a house on 10 Dec. Didn't have a house narrowed down, but I did have a list of 46 homes to look at. My sisters Diane and Kelly drove from CA to help me look and when we checked into our hotel I was surprised by the addition of my Dad and Mom who had flown in to surprise me...and help me look as well.

Last year on 11 Dec I looked at a TON of homes...easily 25 homes in one day. The 8th one we looked at gave me a good feeling. It gave my parents and Kel and Di a great feeling cause as soon as we walked into the house my Dad shouted 'buy it'. For the rest of the day as we continued to look, my Dad (and everyone else) asked why were we continuing to look when they had already 'found' my house for me.

Last year on 12 December I decided that it COULD be my house and I would be happy there. So I made an offer with the anal-retentive-control-freak addition of asking that if they wanted the sale, they would have to give me an answer on 13 December. Why?

Cause it was my birthday and I wanted to buy a house for my birthday.

So 3 guesses what I got for my birthday last year?

My house.

The rest of the story you'll hear on Wednesday.


What makes people knock furiously at your 12:05 am...then run away?

Only to do it again 20 minutes later?

Gee thanks, I wasn't in REM sleep anyway.

And to the neighbor of mine a couple houses down...why is it your fucking security alarm keeps going off late at night when you're out of town? Give the code to a neighbor. Turn it off. Do something. The thought of sneaking into your backyard and turning off your power is OH SO TEMPTING.

Not that I would do it. But I want to.


Bring On Da Weekend

Not a second too soon.

What a week.

Tonite's agenda calls for making something...anything...for dinner.

Choices are :

* Bacon and eggs and corn-on-the-cob (weird, but it sounds good to me)


* Amy's Organic pizza


* Amy's Organic burritos


*Bacon and peanut butter sandwiches on cinnamon toast


* Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with French Vanilla ice cream

Or maybe just skipping dinner and taking a long hot bath with a couple of cold Jager Bombs to sip as I soak.

It'll be one of those.