Funny Thing About Grief

Trading One Vice For Another

Can't recall the precise moment it happened. And maybe it was just a culmination of too many moments that made me realize I wasn't happy with the direction in which I was headed.

Regardless of the reason, several weeks ago I cut back on the downward spiral of emotional eating. It had gotten really bad, to the point of not even being hungry and eating anyway. Eating the wrong junk...I wouldn't even call it food...and drinking the wrong kind of liquids.

Add to that still getting used to a new schedule with mostly early morning wake ups which kill me every day (not really but it feels like it) and sleepworking thru the majority of my day.

And added to that, feeling really really crappy, run down, ouchy and mostly exhausted.

Then one day I put 1 + 1 + 1 together and decided "Holy shit, you'd better get your act together".

So 9:30 became my new bedtime. Not easy for a night owl. Then I started reading. Not online reading but actual hold-a-book-in-your-hands reading. Which made it easier to fall asleep. Which made getting thru my day a bit easier. Which gave me the strength to ease back on the junk food. And stop having soda at home. And drinking lots more water. And having more time to play fetch with Fatso. 

Not online as much as I used to be, but something's gotta give, right? :-)

Also not hitting 100% on all cylinders yet, but doing way better than I'd hoped.

Better is good. So are books, sleep, water and cuddly puppy dogs named Fatso.

Books I'm currently reading :

Heaven is Here

Can I Say : Living Large, Cheating Death and Drums Drums Drums


What are you reading that inspires you, gives you hope and is impossible to put down?




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