Almost Ready
Starting Over Yet Again - Week One

Thankful... no particular order

* For spending my Sister's bday with her for the first time in 8 years

* For my transfer to CA

* For random last-minute Road Trip Buddies that ROCK

* That my parents are still alive

* That I get to help out while there is still time

* That the laughter balances out the sadness

* For trusting in God and The Universe

* For standing up for myself

* For no more snow and ice on the roadways

* For 76 degree November days

* For sunshiney days with no clouds in the sky

* For the strength to ask the difficult questions

* For internet

* For potential crisis averted

* For Nightblooming Jasmine, Eucalyptus trees and freshly mown grass - the smells of California in November

* For my Family and Friends 


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