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Thankful... no particular order

* For spending my Sister's bday with her for the first time in 8 years

* For my transfer to CA

* For random last-minute Road Trip Buddies that ROCK

* That my parents are still alive

* That I get to help out while there is still time

* That the laughter balances out the sadness

* For trusting in God and The Universe

* For standing up for myself

* For no more snow and ice on the roadways

* For 76 degree November days

* For sunshiney days with no clouds in the sky

* For the strength to ask the difficult questions

* For internet

* For potential crisis averted

* For Nightblooming Jasmine, Eucalyptus trees and freshly mown grass - the smells of California in November

* For my Family and Friends 

Almost Ready

My bed, dresser, desk & chair left yesterday. Cute little white bench, small bookshelf and 2 night stands leave today. 2 boxes ready to ship home (new home) with 3 remaining. 1 more trip to ARC. OK, maybe 2.

Only snafu was the air mattress that I THOUGHT was in storage was not in storage. So I camped out on my bedroom floor. Not the best night's sleep, however I WAS thankful for being safe, indoors and warm. 

Moving...and life...are all about perspective.

First. Not Last.

Ever since I was a kid, I always marked the "Last" of everything.

Last day of Summer. Last day of the year. Last day of 8th grade. Last day at each job I held. 

Nothing's changed and I find myself counting down the days as I prepare to leave my current job and state...1 more day at the job (Thursday) and 7 more days in the state - in case you want to count along with me.

Tonite it occured to me that I've had it backwards all my life. Why have I not made the emphasis on the "First"?  The start of something new? The excitement that comes with new beginnings, new surroundings, new experiences? What's up with that, Kath?

Honestly don't know why I've made endings so significant, but I do know that as of this second, I'm switching up my perception to focus on the firsts...and the future.


Leave for CA in 10 days.

Have given away all my possessions, asking for only good karma and prayers in return. Starting over, starting fresh, with several mementos, books, clothes and basic necessities  to accompany me on my trip West.

Thankful for the miracle I'm living and the chance to live with my parents and family for the foreseeable future.

Happy Kath :-)

Home Is Where My Heart Is...

Just told my beloved Fruitstander team, so now I can tell you guys what I've wanted to tell you for the last week 

Moving back to CA Weds Nov 20 to move in with my parents and help with their health care. Mom has Stage 6 Alzheimers and Dad has other health-related issues. My siblings and my nephew Casey have been going above and beyond to help and it's my turn to help as well.

My last day at work is this Thursday, Nov 14th. Fond Farewell at 5p MT. I will be transferring to the same position at a location very close to my parents - thanks to God and the Universe for that assist  (and my Recruiter) 

Leaving my Fruitstand buddies and my CO buddies will be one of the TOUGHEST goodbyes ever, but my heart is in CA with my family these days. It's one of those decisions I had to make and having made it, feel good about my next adventure.

Thanks to all of you that supported me in my decision - you are wondrous and I'm so fortunate to have you in my life. This has been an exercise in "walk by faith, not by sight" and trusting in God and the Universe to deliver. And deliver they did!!

I foresee lots of farewell hugs in my future :-)

It's All Gonna Be OK!

Trying everything I can do (as a time-sensitive-detail-oriented-OCD-loves-to-cross-t's-and-dot-i's-type-of-person) to control a situation I have no control over.

Let's say this week has been interesting. Let's say this week has been gratifying in that I've learned things about myself I needed to learn. Let's say the most important lesson I've learned this week is that I am who I am and I'm honestly truly okay with that. And I've really learned to laugh at myself and with myself.

Cause after all, whatever happens? It's all gonna be ok :-)