It's All Gonna Be OK!

Home Is Where My Heart Is...

Just told my beloved Fruitstander team, so now I can tell you guys what I've wanted to tell you for the last week 

Moving back to CA Weds Nov 20 to move in with my parents and help with their health care. Mom has Stage 6 Alzheimers and Dad has other health-related issues. My siblings and my nephew Casey have been going above and beyond to help and it's my turn to help as well.

My last day at work is this Thursday, Nov 14th. Fond Farewell at 5p MT. I will be transferring to the same position at a location very close to my parents - thanks to God and the Universe for that assist  (and my Recruiter) 

Leaving my Fruitstand buddies and my CO buddies will be one of the TOUGHEST goodbyes ever, but my heart is in CA with my family these days. It's one of those decisions I had to make and having made it, feel good about my next adventure.

Thanks to all of you that supported me in my decision - you are wondrous and I'm so fortunate to have you in my life. This has been an exercise in "walk by faith, not by sight" and trusting in God and the Universe to deliver. And deliver they did!!

I foresee lots of farewell hugs in my future :-)


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