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This Might Sound Crazy...

...but it worked for me!

These last 6 months I've been overwhelmed with all sorts of decisions, wishes, dreams and I-really-want-to's floating thru  my mind. They've kept me up all night more nights than I'd care to admit. Then I remembered a little exercise that I used back in the day to clear my mind. Wish I would have remembered it sooner, cause it really works!

You need :

* 2 blank sheets of paper. Lines, no lines, white, colorful - doesn't matter

* 3 different colored markers/Sharpies/pens/your favorite writing instrument

On the first sheet, start writing down ALL the concerns than run rampant thru your mind. From the most pressing to the barely a blip on your radar.  Get them all out and on the paper - no matter how insignificant. I'll wait.

Still waiting (hums Jeopardy theme).

All set? Good!

Now take the first Sharpie you see (in my case, it would be the purple Sharpie) and circle everything you have control over.

Take the second Sharpie (green maybe?) and draw a line thru everything you have NO control over..

Take the final Sharpie and make an X next to those things you're not sure about.

Grab the second sheet of paper and write in order of importance everything you DO have control over. Turn the sheet of paper over and transfer all the items you're not sure about on the back side. Then trash the first piece of paper.

What remains is what matters to you. What needs to be accomplished and the  order in which it needs to be accomplished. It helped me make one of the most important decisions of my life this past weekend and I hope it helps you

And there you have it - your list of what's important in the order of importance. Out of your mind and on paper is the best way to see what's bothering you and how to corral your thoughts and get them under control to where you control your thoughts, not the other way around.


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