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The Gratitude Drive

Last night found me hanging out with old friends. Not old chronologically, but old as in I've known them for over 8 years. 

One of my darlingest, sweetest, kindest and closest friends celebrated her birthday. And joining in the fun were several friends I've known for almost as long as I've lived in CO.

As the night wore on and the crowds dwindled, talk turned to how we met, which if you ask me, is still a miracle in and of itself.

We met thru the Internet...specifically, thru our blogs. Strangers that followed links then more links and somewhere/somehow we found each other and started caring about each other and along the way we became friends. Real true-to-live-honest-to-goodness friends.

And what friends those are.

Back in the day, almost 9 years ago this March, no way in Hell did I have any concept of how much this lowly little blog would change my life. But change my life it did one hundred fold. For beyond the better. For the best ever.

As I drove home last night, the whole drive was consumed with gratitude and love. For those I've met along the way. For their grace and kindness and love and trust that has changed my life and made me a much better person than I ever could have become on my own. Feeling a huge dose of humility that I was honored to have been included in their lives. 

Seriously, the grace I've been given by having these friends in my life is epic.

I'm forever grateful to meeting Curt aka the first blogger I ever met and deciding to create a blog of my own. It has been the catalyst to so many good things and greater people in my world.

And to S, the birthday girl, for reaching out to me and becoming my Internet friend before I even moved to CO. She's also the best hugger you'll ever meet...but that's another story for another day!

The gratitude continues for everyone I've met thru their blog, my blog or this wacky wonderful amazing thing we call the Internet. This will change your life in ways you never imagined if you let it!